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Thread: Division II Nat's 1/24 Eurosport

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    Is that starburst guide. Roy's car lee must have a million of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Forsyth Racing View Post
    @PSCRJim has been posting updates throughout the A Semi on twitter, hopefully he continues for the main. Doing a great job thanks. https://twitter.com/#!/PSCRJim

    Looks like the A-semi had alot of carnage.

    Go Getem in the main T.C.

    Sorry I wasn't able to post during the main event. Roger asked me to Marshal the main event so I was unable to post updates in. The place thinned out quickly on Saturday so there wasn't anyone I knew to hand it off to that wasn't also doing their duty as a marshal.

    It was an interesting race to say the least, Roy Hood did an excellent job driving through the early traffic, stayed calm during the necessary tire change and simply outdrove the other racers. Herman was the other contender who unfortunately had some car trouble and couldn't pull it off. Our own Joe Lim did a great job keeping his calm and breathing successfully for a cool 4th place finish.
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    Wow. Three days later and it is just sinking in.

    I have many people to thank. Greg Gilbert, you have helped me in so many ways. I think back to all the races you kicked my butt and made me better. Lee Gilbert, for the car setup and motor. Monty, for the racing wisdom. And I also thank the other drivers in the event for their good sportsmanship.

    It was a strategic race that favored stay out of trouble drivers like Rocha and myself. Gugu was the most experienced driver and the one I feared most at the start. It was a wide open race. The turning point for me was after the third heat when I finished red only a couple of laps behind the leaders. Tire change by Greg in the middle of heat 6 went well, taking only six or seven laps.

    Car and motor were the same as I ran the in the 2010 Chicago Worlds (10th place) and 2011 USRA Nats (2nd place), a 2010 Horky chassis and speedshop built mystery mag camen setup with valiko 20/24.5 arm.

    See you all in NJ next year!

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    Roy's 1/24th Euro Win

    I had a rough Nats. But then, I had an awesome Nats too!!!! I keep telling mysely "I won GT-12" but I still feel like I got my butt handed to me. But my freinds did well.
    I can't say enough about Roy Hood taking the 2012 USRA 1/24th Eurosport Championship. Roy drove a smart clean race, he went fast, dodged wrecks and kept his head at all times. A couple of times I thought I saw the slightest sign of a smile after the fifth heat. I know that feeling. That moment when you realize you can win the race. That look quickly turned to one of determination as Roy got back down to business.
    GuGu was heading onto white, Mike Roacha was low on tires, and Herman was preparing to change tires, so Roy was looking pretty good going into the final heat. I think the tire change was avarage for me, about 16 seconds. I'd rather give up another lap than drop the axle & cost us an extra 5 or 6.
    We expected Roy would have to race Herman and/or Mike but Herman's tire change didn't solve his handling problems & Mike was not going to give up second place by changing tires so they finished that way. Roy, Mike & GuGu.
    It was really great seeing Roy take the win. He has certainly paid his dues.

    Greg G.
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    Congratulations Roy! Well deserved!
    Jay Herrod

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    Congrats on a fantastic win Roy, there is none sweeter than 24th Euro at the USRA Nats.

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