...at the 2012 Nats. Sorry I couldn't stick around for the festivities, but I was beat. I met some of my old friends & made some new ones too. Thanks to...

* Frank Sarkela for letting me crash at his place
* Roger & Laura Schmitt for running the greatest show on this planet
* Howie Ursaner - a swell guy & fellow retro racer
* George Russell for leaving me a pit space
* Owl Chump for his tireless work, posting the results on OWH
* Joe Lin - I enjoyed our chat about the zen of slot racing
* Vance Oathout - thanks for beating me twice!
* Marshall Keener - sorry for yelling at you
* Jim Radford - great racing with you in Amateur GT-12
* Jay Kisling - our host for the 2013 USRA D2 Nats & another fellow retro racer

It was also good to see Jim & Russ Aguirre and Gene Fong. I used to race with these guys back in the days of bell bottoms & Derby jackets. In all, it was a great event & I look forward to seeing you guys next year.