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Thread: What is your desired class to race?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael.cannonj View Post
    Funny to read this thread, literally years after it began.
    Racers here in the Carolinas are all about flexi chassis. They like the NASCAR and GTP but I can't give away a wing car to race. Some modest....very modest I treat in Retro but it's hanging by a thread.
    Folks here can't spell FCR. And WOMP? What's that?

    No 7 or 27 in these parts. Just fast little GTP cars. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    that goes in cycles and has alot to do with what the owners are pushing and telling their clients. also track owners telling racers wing cars won't work.

    years ago:
    - myrtle beach, SC ran wings at one track, other track would not allow them at all
    - new bern, NC once had a 220" purple mile track that took awhile to get B-12 going, but it became their biggest class
    - raleigh, NC at one time ran Div-1 usra event on a hillclimb
    - fayetteville, NC had a 90" american black royal track. looks like a mini king, only turn with a bank is the finger and it's very slight. they did Div-2 usra events there. it took a few racers playing with B-12s eventually everyone had them and wing racing took off, no glue zones, spray glue same as what flexis ran.

    many assume that NASCAR is the reason or driving factor for flexi's, when other factors which i could write pages on come into play.

    i went to one track in NC, i was in the area for a 4-day car show event, i go to a track in the area, i pick a spot in the pit area and open my box. someone says...oh, your one of them high dollar wing car racers. i had my two B-12 cars with 3 spare motors, one 4'" G-10 flexi, a womp, i then look at what he had, 29 flexi cars, he boasted he had over 60 motors and some of them with full ball bearings, i told him your one of those hi dollar flexi racers.

    another track i visited, owner looked at my stuff saw i had two wing cars, he told me i could run them since no one was there at that time, but if any regulars show, i had to pull them off the track

    another track, told me flat out no on my B-12s, told me that with no front wheels they damage his track, etc etc. (i don't bother educating or arguing with owners), ironicly his track had damage that comes from flexi cars skipping lanes, chipping the surface and hard wall hits

    but not just in those states, you travel across the country and you will see the same thing. i stopped at a track in the midwest, they had 3 tracks, all banked king, 140" super C, and 135" grey grandstand. wings only raced the king, flexis raced the other 2....only and always. i rented time on the super C, ran a B-12 and racers were freaking out that a wing car worked on it

    i voted flexis, that imo is the bread and butter of the wood track slot car industry.
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    So what do you do when you like both wings and flexis. I've enjoyed this hobby since I first raced my Cox car in 1965. I thought the hobby was dead during my 20 year Navy career, I couldn't find a track anywhere. Then in 1987 I found a local track and started up all over again. While in the Mid-Atlantic series I raced 6 different classes from 4.5 Hardbody NASCAR to GP27 and even dabbled a little in opens. I'm going to be 70 years old this year and I don't get around very well but I still like to race wings and scale cars when ever I can. I enjoy the speed of the wing cars, I can only handle GP12, and the finesse it takes to race scale cars, nothing faster than B Prod. for me, so for me it's BOTH. It's the only hobby I've had throught my life and I'm glad I rediscovered it.
    I've done so much with so little for so long it seems like I can do anything with nothing at all.

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    I think a lot of it comes down to skill and experience level.

    A lot of guys can't even prep the tires before they run so it's tougher for them to have success with faster cars.

    Track owner/manager attitudes have the biggest influence.
    I know some great guys who run tracks and a couple real *******s too.

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    Caution......owner perspective follows:

    Regarding classes, every racer has a favorite class. Maybe two that are nearly equal but whichever the case, there are classes you want to run because your good at them and classes you don't think you'll be successful with. The classes you don't run as well are classes you don't really care to see race, especially in prime time.
    The owner, if he is trying to have a track that survives, looks at the local, near and distant racing trends. Then tries to introduce the track to those classes with the potential of drawing 20 instead of 8 racers from 50 instead of 15 miles.
    The local AND LOYAL racer looks into his pit box and suddenly his cars aren't a fit for where the track is going. And the tension between a business and a club begins to settle in.
    An owner can opt for instant gratification and make his loyal racers happy. Or he can try to cast a vision that they buy into that includes an expanded racing program.
    I.....personally.... Feel that's where the mistake happens. The vision either isn't shares or bought into. Then racers feel disenfranchised instead of a part of forward progress.
    I'm guilty of doing this sometimes. I will assume something makes good sense and realize I'm all alone with those thoughts.
    A business isn't a democracy but....slot car racing is relational. So we owners have to do our homework and have a good long term plan and we have to communicate that plan.
    I need to do better at that but....I'm learning.

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