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    SRT Help

    I need to set up a "lap" race in SRT. From the info I have it seems it has to be done from the Crash and burn section? is that right?

    Also, how does it work, say I set it at 75 laps, I assume it forces a lane change at 75 laps? then what happens next 7 heats? Is heat two ended at 150? the heat 3 at 225? etc etc?

    Thanks for any help.
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    I do not have SRT installed on my PC here, but I read through the manual and I could not find an answer to your questions.

    It appears to me that the "Lap Race" setting is separate from the "Crash & Burn" or other race format choices, but it does not explain what happens in a multi-heat race for lap totals.

    Here's a clip from the manual.... (page 6)

    B - Crash and Burn fun race (This will work with any of the above semi/consi modes, select your
    semi/consi type race 1st before turning on crash and burn). Select 1 to select a lap race for the main
    event only, select 1 again to select a time race for the main event only, select 1 again to select a lap
    race for all races, select 1 again to select a time race for all races and select 1 again to turn off the crash
    and burn function.

    In the Lap race select 2 to set the number of laps that determines the heat length. Select 3 to set how
    many times the drivers will run each lane. ie. for 8 drivers and a 8 lane track a 1 will mean 8 heats, a 2
    will mean 16 heats and each drivers would have run each lane twice, etc.

    In the Time race Select 2 to set the amount of time before the race will pause (ie. track call) and select
    3 to set the length of the pause before the race will resume. You would set up your normal heat and
    intermission parameters like any other round robin race. The rules of this race is that if a driver comes
    off his lane, his car will not be returned to the track until the pause time is activated. Space bar for a
    track call will function normally, but typically is not used for this style of race.
    I know I have set it up for lap races in the past, for birthday parties or fun races... but I think each time I had to fool around with the setup until I got lucky and found it. Of course, then I never remember what I did or where I found it the next time it comes up. Sounds like this may be the same case for you (and perhaps why you posted this question in the first place!).

    Here is a direct link to download the SRT manual in PDF format:
    SRT Web Site:

    Maybe somebody else will have the answer... (Slapshot???)
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    Main Menu-Select Round Robin

    Then F4....F2...........F3 select laps per heat.

    I can't remember but think it will go off after someone hits the specified number of laps selected, not necassarily 125, 250, 375 etc.............
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