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Thread: AA/FC world record???

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    I think the question that was asked meant times someone actually ran at a RACE on
    A legit timing system, and legit voltage. The .401 and .418 you refer to do not stand out
    In anyones mind, maybe you can elaborate when/where/who ran these times rather then
    Tossing numbers up nobodys heard of, thanks.

    Keep in mind all ET's or MPH reported on a trackmate are subject to
    scrutiny due to the Fact you can access the system and adjust rollout,
    etc, therefore you can change the ET's And MPH.

    The TrickTracks is the only system you cannot "Tweak".

    More importantly, trying to say who owns the AA/FC Record is like trying
    to say who has the prettiest unicorn,,lol. Too many varibles between tracks-

    The ET was not backed up. The MPH was backed up easily.
    That is most likely the MPH WORLD RECORD (134.9) on a TrickTracks
    @ 16.2 (legal) voltage.

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    If you need more info contact Pro Slot.

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    Here is what I know.... Mike Aceves' .421 at 134.9 is one of, if not THE quickest passes that have been made in RACE mode and not test and tune and it was done at a verified 16.2 volts at Buena Park. Unfortunately, it was not backed up within the established 2% back up rule, but the 134.9 was backed up by a 134.2, 134.6 and a 134.4.... For those that know, Buena Park has never been known as a "hot" or "happy" track. Also, at the Boola Bash, Paul Wilde of WRP ripped of an outstanding .446 @ 126 mph side by side pass, which is also one of the quickest side by side race condition passes....

    For what it's worth, I'm pretty sure that the .401 pass wasn't backed up and was run during a test and tune session by Dave Pfaff. Not taking anything away from Uncle Dave, but for the .401 to be a "record", it had to be backed up by 2%.... So, Uncle Dave's pass would stand as the quickest pass, but not the record.

    We could go on and on for days about "records", but under RACE conditions and LEGAL voltage, Mike's .446 stands as the current record at Buena Park. I'm sure that there were quicker passes, but using the standard "correction" factor that most agree on between the Trick Trax and Track Mate systems, Mike's pass could have been as quick as .406 - .416.... I would love to wager that on the same track on the same day, Mike would be as quick or quicker than anyone in the world.

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    One of my cars that I let a guy press the trigger on went .4441 @ 126.7mph during a national event.
    Joe Cheichi has gone 152mph ( I'm sure im very close to the correct mph )
    Both Uncle Dave Pfaff and Mike Napp have gone .401 ET and I think another guy from BP has gone 15? Mph

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    .395 now brotha saw the video!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by awilliam6 View Post
    .395 now brotha saw the video!!!
    Who, where, & when???

    Link to the video????

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