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Thread: Controller advice

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    Controller advice

    Putting together a vintage car, Pittman can motor.I raced in the mid 60's and used ,I think, an MRC controller.What should I look for.I cant remember the OHM rating from back then but the Parma units I see on ebay for 20to 40 bucks are rated at 40 OHM or better.Is this what I should get or look for an old Cox or MRC unit? Thanks ,Mike

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    a 4 ohm or 7 ohm parma basic unit will work well. You can find them on epay if u dont have a track near you. John
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    Wattage is also importent, so where you use it will help determine a good controller. Many tracks from the old days used low power power supplies similar to what the plastic home sets do today - 12-14 VDC with less than 2 amps per lane. Most modern raceways and club tracks use that voltage, but often have many more amps available per lane. This 'extra' wattage power would overwhelm the old controllers with the pittcan and other 'hot wind' vintage motors. A 4 ohm Parma TURBO is a good controller for this use as is a commercial grade Professor Motor diode or transistor controller for under $60. Extra features add purchase price increases. Single barrell resistor controllers are fine for less than 30 watt (12V x >3 amps) loads.
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