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Thread: Tri-State ISRA question...

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    I'd say no choices just because in most (?all) US ISRA areas these motors are usually used only in beginner classes. Retro is different about this.


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    Hopefully this will help w/ the falcon motor questions in the Tri State ISRA. There has NEVER been any mini motor that was not legal including the SLICK 7 version. Most guys just used whatever their raceway stocked and that just happened to be a Falcon motor. If the Fast 1 and Trinity versions are similiar, I see no problem with them, but if one CLEARLY dominates, it would not be acceptable. The newer motors need to be inline w/ what is out there now or risk not being accepted by the racers.
    This will help w/ the questions in Chicago. We run the Indy Lite and F Production classes as well. This helps to draw in new racers and allow them to compete on an equal level with each other, these classes are not for the upper level drivers. It has helped w/ the turnout and development as well, several drivers used these classes to learn the basics and then move up to the faster more technical classes. Both classes are run together but score separate, drivers learn how to work w/ each other better on the track.

    Tri State ISRA

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    Thanks Ron...

    Understand and agree. I'l be trying them at Washington in Sept.


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    What does that have to do with Tri State ISRA?

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