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Thread: Pro Group 7 - Sat 08/11

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    And this is what happens when you don't blip the 90 in qualifying:

    And that was after Beuf tweaked on it...

    Somehow I managed to make it to the semi unscathed but the handling of the car wasn't as good in the semi as it was in the quarter. I still had a chance but with Petr turning 1.7's the entire last 2 heats I wasn't able to hold him off.

    Great run for Beuf as always, thanks for gluing for me in the quarter!
    Chase Walker

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    Good Run Brad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The Nats are over and as usual it is back to the drawing board!! Congratulations to Beuf! You were the best racer on this day and definitely deserved to win. I had great equipment but definitely didn't have it on this race day, hopefully next time I do!! If there was a car on the track, I made sure I hit it; several times!

    Thanks to Koford for great equipment and Balance By Beuf for great balancing.

    Waller glued like a magician, all while getting enough beer drinking in between heats to continue the celebration of his great win on Friday!

    Thanks to Jeff for cleaning my braid and Spove for taking care of trying to keep me calm and also stapling and taping my MANGLED body back into working order. Man that was a struggle.

    Also a thank you to the USRA and Buena Park Raceway for putting on a great event.

    Hopefully see everybody at the Midwest Nats, Worlds and USRA Nats next year!

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    I want to thank Beuf for building my G7, OMO and 27L programs. I also want to thank Jeremy Marquette, Lance Lee, Jiro Takeuchi and James Ginstead for helping me at the races. I surprised myself by moving up to the A Semi, but hit Chase Walker in the 90 and broke the axle in the A Semi. I really enjoyed the racing and will race at the 2013 Worlds at BPR. I found out that the track was powered by a 300 amp power and that we need a 500 amp power supply. I am in the process of purchasing a 500 amp power supply for the Worlds. The G7 cars use 30 amps and a full field of eight will use 240 amps, but during start up can use 40 amps which needs a 320 amp power supply. I felt that the was voltage drop when there were 8 cars on the track. I want to have the best track conditions for the Worlds.

    John K. Wakamatsu

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    No problem on the glueing, some one had to do it, that works for beer!




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