Have to say it Doug if we were going to your place the Fee would not have been a problem. But here it is because this is not a Track owners Worlds this is a Racers Worlds they are the ones that are doing all the work to get this done things have CHANGED a lot out here with the way this track is ran you have the door opened for you and the hand is held out and the racer does the rest run the race clean the track repair the track buy new things if its needed it is the biggest HOME track there is no help and some are getting burnt out and to ask for this much MONEY when you don't left a finger to help is not Right. There are a lot of RACEWAYS that should draw top $$$$. but this is sad to say no longer one of them. You Guys that are coming to this race need to be Thanking all the WING Racers that are working there BUTTS off to make this race for you not the owners ( the track will be ready.)
P.S. Doug call me DON'T GET ME WRONG DEBBIE IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD just not a track owner