It was a fantastic weekend of racing. My thanks to everyone that came and raced and had fun. Lots of racers traveled lots of miles and I appreciate every one of you.

It was great to see so many faces from different places. Friends that only get to see each other once or twice a year at a slot car track. There's never enough time to socialize. It's so cool to be in a room full of people that share your hobby.

My thanks to Scott Smith for race directing. I invited Scott to come help with race directing. As you saw, he's great.

Thanks to my helped before, during and after. I couldn't do it without you.

84 entries in 6 classes. A new world record in C12 for Terry Kunz, 658 laps. We think a new USRA world record in 27L for Les Wright, 902 laps. We are unsure since the USRA and the World's run different 27L rules.

Thanks for all the positive feedback about the pristine power on the track. Thanks to Gary Gerding for building a fantastic, fabulous, fast track.

See you next year for the International Open Championship.