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Thread: Pacific Slotcar Raceways Customer Appreciation Evening

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    Pacific Slotcar Raceways Customer Appreciation Evening

    No funny words ,No Music just good slotcar people enjoying an evening to celebrate Robs legacy
    Thank you Sir

    It was also Shawns Birthday and me leaving Dodge celebration
    Thank you to every one who Knows me has helped me and put up with having a camera stuck in their face
    I B Back

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    Wow! Great turn-out, plenty of food & snacks, & looks like everyone had a good time!

    Good to see so many FAMILIES there having fun!

    I see a lot of my old friends, plus many more I don't know - which is a good sign as well. I wish I could have been there - but thanks for sharing this video!

    Happy Birthday to Shawn & wishing all the best to Roy!
    Roy - I hope you had time to grab some snacks & weren't just stuck behind the camera!

    Here's the video embedded here:

    Paul K @ OWH
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    Yep, it was great (There was music however). At highest count 72 people were in the shop at one point, glad the fire marshall wasn't around! Plus several other quick visits throughout the day. Food was awesome as always thanks to Diane, Alex and Lauren for that!

    Lots of photos here

    Thanks again everyone who came, it was fun to have all our different racers visiting at once!
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    Looked like a great night of family fun and racing
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    Sound like you guys had a lot of fun! Diane and I and the kids miss you guys and the racing hope to come see you guys real soon!


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