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Thread: GT chassis for club racing-Help me choose

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    With 80p gears you push the gear right up against each other. no need to leave any clearance when soldering them in. On 72p you lightly touch them together thus give a slight clearance when soldering in. in both cases you will end up with good mesh as soon as you take a lap or two.

    On your Super Wasp, it sounds like you have the wrong gearing. I would go one smaller tooth on the pinion and try it again.
    Gary Johnson

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    jig your axle for .720 tires
    Quote Originally Posted by Mark H View Post
    OK, I ran two G12 ASPs both with the same Corvette GT body small spoiler/wing-low down force. One with lightweight G12 and one with lightweight SuperWasp. See the Purple track below, a Chris Dads build. The SuperWasp was fast but I was spinning the wheels most the way down the straights. It was pretty easy to drive and smooth but the rear traction even in the bank was too low. I tried glue and it was better for a few laps. I am thinking some lead needs to be added. Is it good or bad to add to the side pans? Seems like NO would be the answer.
    The G12 gear mesh was not right. That 80 pitch has a very fine line between good and bad. So I did not get to test that setup. Based on the SuperWasp results, I think it would have been WAY TOO much for the track.
    Perhaps a heavier chassis would be better. What do you think?

    The other smaller track shown is the shortest one that I run at 65ft. It is smooth and very demanding of the driver. Lots of both fun and frustration. We do not run the GT12 on this track, mostly JK-25 and Falcon7. Which brings me to another question. My JK-25, Falcon7 @10-37 w .750 tires just does not want to corner consistently. Now I fully understand it is probably in my finger more than the car because I can string a dozen laps or so where the car is pretty fast through the corners but it is always very tight. Sometimes it will lift the guide out of the slot and pirouette about the outside rear tire. I tried narrow tires, too loose and lots of chatter instead of smooth drift. I have some lead behind the guide (two thin 3/8 x 1/2") and I have two pieces at the rear of each side pan. That did seem to help.
    Any thoughts on that?

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