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Thread: R.I.P. Monty Ohren

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    R.I.P. Monty Ohren

    I have just heard that our good friend Monty Ohren, of Best O' the West, has passed away.
    Monty Ohren - his unselfish sharing of his vast knowledge and experience of slot cars has earned him many friends, and he will not be forgotten.

    He has always been an big supporter and contributor to OWH Slot Car Talk, and he will be missed.

    Monty Ohren - 10/13/1954 - 02/14/2012.

    Paul Kassens @ OWH

    From his web site:

    Monty Ohren - A personal slot racing history

    Monty's first experience with slot cars was in 1964, following a magazine article in "Popular Mechanics". Always an avid reader, he made it a point to thoroughly read Car Model, Model Car Racing and all similar publications, committing race reports and technical data to memory.

    Monty first built a scratchbuilt car in 1965, and was soon doing the same for friends. During 1968 he started showing up and observing "Pro" meets, and started competing in SoCal USRA events beginning in 1969. His racing developed and 1970 saw him competing in the "Semi-Pro" class, a year later winning the Mura Southwest Regional Semi-Pro Championship in 1971 (Beating out Dan DeBella these days of Proslot fame).

    Another milestone was in September 1971 when Monty built the car driven by Earl Campbell that did the first ever sub 4 second lap on a King track. In 1973 Monty decided to join the slotcar industry full time, and purchased a share in a raceway with "Big Jim" Greenemeyer (who is these days known as a 1/10th scale R/C motor guru, in a perverse case of parallel personal evolution), and in 1974 he bought out Jim's share in the raceway, which he then ran through to 1980, culminating with hosting the World Championship of 1980. Monty raced in this event and made the Pro Main.

    After that, Monty then retired to a "normal" life, but decided to return to slot car racing in 1989, winning his first SoCal race in his first start back in January 1989. He raced for a number of years taking the SoCal Group 7 championship in 1992, 1993, 1994 and 1996, winning the Western States Group 7 Championship race in 1996, after taking 2nd in 1991 and 3rd in 1995. At this time a new form of racing started, 1/24th Eurosport, and Monty joined the racing at the ground level, winning the SoCal series in 1995, 1996 and 1997, along with the 1/32nd Eurosport series in 1995 and 1996.

    In 1998 Monty founded Best 'O' The West (BOW), building high quality slot racing motors and products, and even some tracks. He continues to grow and run the company to this day, being the winning builder and/or balancer for 16 of the last 20 ceramic class races at USRA Div 2 Nats. Monty has also had much success here in the US in regional series, and around the world in such countries as France, Belgium, The Phillippines, Canada and Sweden.

    Best O' the West
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Paul Kassens
    OWH Slot Car Talk "Mom"
    The Old Weird Herald
    email: paulk@oldweirdherald.com

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    Oh no. The news I didn't want to hear

    I had several long email discussions with Monty over the years.

    My sincere condolences to his family and friends.

    He will be sadly missed by many.

    Another sad day in the annals of slot car racing.


    "Rules are written by FEAR; and that Racers are motivated by the Fear that somebody may have something that gives others an Edge." - Rocky Russo

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    I am really sad to hear that -- I didn't get to talk to Monty very much, but when we did, it always invovled motors --

    RIP Monty


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    RIP Monty Ohren
    "Dub" Wade
    Nampa, ID
    Dub Motors, Dub Rides, Dub Winged bodies, PMP Chassis, Paint by Odie, Bone Bodies.
    Of course Balance by Beuf
    3rd Eye Controllers

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    sad news indeed for the slot car community..... he will be sorely missed.... R.I.P. Monty
    Jim Dalton
    Bone Bodies

    Dub Motors
    PMP Chassis
    3rd Eye controllers

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    A sad day indeed for all of us in the hobby. Godspeed Monty.

    ---------------Jack Beers

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    A gentleman, that I'll miss for sure, always good honest advice and very polite.I'm very thankful that I got to have conversations with him.May God bless his family in all their needs, indeed this is a great lost to us all. Pops

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    Wow!! This is sad news indeed. I owe Monty alot for my slot racing career. I am glad I got to work under him for a year but also got to obtain 50 yrs worth of knowledge in the process. Even when I jumped to Div 1 racing, he was still there ready to give me some out of the box ideas.
    RIP Monty Ohren, gone but never forgotten.
    James Grinstead


    Why so serious?

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    My condolences! I first got to know Monty in the early seventies while running two partial LA series. I admired him very much. I'm sorry I wasn't able to re-aquaint after coming back into the hobby. Good-bye Big"O". Gus in Sacto

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    I got to meet Monty a couple of times, when he was up here for the Div 2 Nats & he turned me on to Hakko. A great guy, a wealth of information & a sad loss for the slot car community. Adieu, my friend.
    Russ Toy
    I am team burrito and I approve this message.

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    Monty Ohren

    I'm very sad to hear this bad news. Monty was a true gentleman, who always made time to give advice on motors, gearing or just to have a chat. You will be missed by myself & many others.
    R.I.P Monty.

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    Sad news indeed. Kind of expected it but was hoping he would pull through again.
    I met Monty at Circle T back in the early seventies just before I quit slots to race big cars. I ran into him again during my brief return in '93 and again when I came back in earnest in 1997. Monty built my first Eurosport car. A Koford powered D.F.H.X. 1/32 Intrepid. I can still see it. I should go dig out the chassis. I still have it. He was instrumental in my becoming competitive in So Cal USRA races and helped me get my setup skills hones in for scale cars. Monty was a historian and the information we lost with him cannot be replaced. It's just gone.
    I like to believe that Best O' the West was born on a drive back from a USRA race at Scott's in Ventura. We were talking about how Monty could start a new slot car business and as we brainstormed the idea of BOW was formed. He started the following Monday getting his supply chain and equipment together and it soon took off. I was the first "non-family" BOW sponsored racer and proud team member for years. From 2000 to 2006 BOW pretty much dominated USRA ceramic magnet scale racing. With Alan Ohren's incredible talent & the association with Parma's Paul Ciccarello we were pretty dominant for a long time. One of our motors won 3 GT-12 USRA National championships. Not bad.
    I built two tracks and rebuilt several more with Monty and despite his weight he was a hard worker and talented wood worker. His math skills were impressive and his tracks will remain as monuments to his craftmanship. The Korkscrew that was at Unkle Kals for years now stands in Modesto. We built that one in 99 and it is his masterpiece. It was during the building of that track that his diabetes first surfaced and his health went steadily downhill from there. I know it will really hit me when I pick up the phone to call him..................................and realize I waited a little too long.

    Monty told me a couple of years ago he had lived his dream. When he started winding arms his life was complete. "I'm Bill Steube", he said to me all excited one day. Monty will be missed.
    Rest well my old friend.

    Greg G.
    How Sweet It Is!!!!!

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    This is a sad day indeed for the slot car community.

    You will be missed my friend!!!! God speed.

    Jeff Strause

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    I never met Monty, but talked with him on the phone and of course 'chatted' with him here on OWH. A great person, very complex, very knowledgable and always spoke very true words and gave very specific information. He will be missed. Rest In Peace Monty!
    Florida Slotter, aka Marty Stanley,
    A "Double 60's" Slot Racer
    Killer X Raceways Team Racer

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    R.I.P Monty.I'm glad I got a chance to form a friendship with Monty If only on the phone spent many hours talking and mostly listening to the store house of knowledge and slot history that Monty had .Our Little hobby will miss you Monty
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