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Thread: Android Chronometer & LapCounter

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    Release 2.1.1 "Aroa/2"


    Last night I uploaded a little upgrade with some received request (both failures and improvements).

    The free version includes:
    • Improved Bluetooth (aplication crashed with some devices.
    • Achievements sharing.

    The PRO release includes too:
    * Improved statistics for "Sectors" and "2 terminals Drag" modes:
    - Lap details will show sector times for each lap after finishs a "Sector" mode race.
    - For "Drag" mode, "Reaction time" plus "travel time" will be shown.
    * Statistics export filename will include driver and car names.
    * Speech speed chooser.

    You can download it from:

    I expect you enjoy it!!
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    Slot Car Trainer 2.2 Released


    A few months have passed since my last update... I've been working in a new application, but I couldn't finishing it yet.
    For that reason (and by the free time reduction associated with a baby ), Slot Car Trainer updates have been delayed too.

    I expect you like the new funcionality provided:
    • Voice Control: Android Speech Recognicer allows you to set with your voice when the car crossed the finish line.
    • Voice Control allows you to play to the 2 devices modes only with one device.
    • Choose your preferred language (english or spanish).

    PRO release provides these additional features:
    • Use your preferred sounds for:
      • Starting lights
      • Finish line passes
      • Fastest lap alerts
      • Race finish melody
    • Speech only fastest lap times.

    Download addresses are:

    Happy Summer!!

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