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Thread: FCR NRS, Results from North East Raceway

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    FCR NRS, Results from North East Raceway

    Race Results December 15th


    NESCR's second points of the 2012-13 FCR NRS started with Qualifying. Ballistic Bob Stanley stepped up and ripped a new Track Record of 4.047. He bested the old record, he set by .010. 10 racers set up with A and B Mains. The A main had 4 racers setting the pace after 3 heats. But mid race, Dan and Bob separated themselves from the pack. Dan picked up a 2 lap lead on Bob and held on to take the win. Lester Lucas won the B main. All 5 racers in the "A" ran over 200 laps making for some clean racing. And the results were both Dan and Bob surpassing the old Lap record of 214. On his way to the record of 219, Dan set the fast time of the race with a 4.066.

    1. Dan E. 219 Fast Lap 4.066
    2. Bob S. 217 TQ 4.047
    3. Jim V 213
    4. Chuck K 205
    5. Lester L 202
    6. Lorenzo 200
    7. Bryan E. 197
    8. Ken K 193
    9. Chuck T 192
    10. Steve L 184

    FCR NRS Cup Division

    This was our first race running the Cup cars. With the rule change to allow the 502 motors. We will get more racers here at NESCR into the class. Qualifying up first, Dan Ebert showed the quick way around the track setting the standard for the new Class with a 3.819. Again 2 Mains, in the A for the first two heats it looked like a dogfight, but a straightaway crash put Chuck K in the pits. After that Dan walked away from the field. Bob S ran for an easy second with Lester and Jim battling for third. The B main was won by Lorenzo with Ken K keeping him honest.

    1. Dan E. 234 TQ 3.819 Fast Lap 3.897
    2. Bob S. 225
    3. Lester L 220
    4. Jim V 217
    5. Lorenzo 213
    6. Ken K 207
    7. Bryan E 197
    8. Steve L 196
    9. Chuck T. 187
    10. Chuck K 158

    A great day of racing with several racers setting Personal Bests on the Day. Thanks to Lester for hosting and treating us to lunch and the Holiday Cookies.
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    Jan 5 2013 Results

    FCR NRS at NESCR Jan 5, 2013

    This was the first race for the Super Spec of the 2012-13 season at NESCR. With much smack talk and race prep trashing, the favorites Bob “I’m faster now” Stanley and Chuck “Mr HP” Kron lived up to all the hype finishing one, two. Bob led from start to finish with lap for lap racing early with Chuck and Jim V. He pulled away in the second half of the race. Chuck was right on his heels up to heat 7. But Bob the finisher, stayed on task for another FCR win. Jim Verga cruised in unchallenged for the last podium spot. Heat 2 had Bryan E, Lorenzo and Ken battling the whole race. Bryan pulled away in the last segment for the heat win and 5th overall. Mr HP Chuck Kron showed why he made two mains at the FCR Nats. TQing and running the Fast Lap of the race.
    Top Qualifier Chuck Kron 4.105
    Fast Lap during racing Chuck Kron 4.167
    1. Bob Stanley 212
    2. Chuck Kron 210
    3. Jim Verga 206
    4. Dan Ebert 203
    5. Bryan Ebert 198
    6. Lorenzo Frietze 197
    7. Ken Kron 195
    8. Lester Lucas 192
    9. Chuck Thompson 191
    10. Steve Loringer 189
    11. Dani Stanley 159
    Next up on the North East road course FCR NRS Cup cars. Dan Ebert stepped to the Driver’s panel and cut the fast lap of 3.830 for TQ honors. Dan and Bob were the early leaders, until Bob suffered motor problems. After that it was all Dan. Dan was able to pace himself after opening leads of 6 laps and hold off second place Jim Verga. Lorenzo ran a good race and held off the hard charging Lester Lucas for third. Bryan Ebert won heat 2 and took 5th overall.
    Top Qualifier Dan Ebert 3.830
    Fast Lap during racing Dan Ebert 3.820
    1. Dan Ebert 228
    2. Jim Verga 225
    3. Lorenzo Frietze 213
    4. Lester Lucas 212
    5. Bryan Ebert 195
    6. Steve Loringer 191
    7. Bob Stanley 191
    8. Chuck Thompson 190
    9. Dani Stanley 167
    Four Track Records were broke during the racing, as the NESCR Staff had the track in top condition for the race. In Spec, standards set last April were finally broken. Bob Stanley topped the Lap Record total running 212 laps. Chuck Kron busted the TQ record by .100 and set the new Fast Lap during racing. Dan Ebert lowered the time in Cup for Fast Lap during racing.
    Next race Saturday, Jan 12 Supertrucks , DLM and WPRL GT1’s doors open at 9 and racing at Noon
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    FCR NRS at NESCR Jan 12, 2013

    Trucks are back after a layoff of a couple of weeks. After seeing several 3.9’s, over the past weeks in practice, everyone expected the Qualifying Record to fall. Bob Stanley didn’t disappoint when he ran a 4.034 to set a New Track Record. The A main was up first, Bob continued running those fast laps. He pulled out to a one lap lead early and held it for 6 more heats to take the win. Dan challenged, even with running the fast time of the race 4.061. It wasn’t enough to run down Bob. Jim V rounded out the top three as he easily cruised to a podium spot. The B main, it was all Ron Blakeslee leading from start to finish. He was challenged early by Lorenzo, but distanced himself at the halfway point for a solid win. Overall finish, podium finishers 1st Bob Stanley, Dan Ebert and Jim Verga.

    Top Qualifier Bob Stanley 4.0340 NTR
    Fast Lap during racing Dan Ebert 4.0619 NTR

    1. Bob Stanley 222 NTR
    2. Dan Ebert 221
    3. Jim Verga 211
    4. Lester Lucas 200
    5. Bryan Ebert 194
    6. Ron Blakeslee 187
    7. Lorenzo Frietze 179
    8. Jake Talarico 175
    9. Steve Loringer 175
    10. Doug Whatisame 164

    Dirt Late Models were next up. Dan Ebert stepped up to the controller stand and cracked the track record by over .15 in Qualifying. The A main started and Bob Stanley showed why the fastest car doesn’t always win the race. Just like the truck race, he pulled out to a lap lead in the first heat. He slowly opened his lead as he was able to run through the slower traffic. Dan had to settle for second even after breaking another Track Record for fast lap. He just couldn’t find his way around the slower cars as easily as Bob did. Jim V and Lester Lucas had a battle going into the last heat. Jim managed to make up the couple of laps he was down and in the last heat managed a third by sections. The B main was all Bryan Ebert until the end of heat 6. When a car came out in the straight and sat in his lane. That knocked his motor out and his chances for the Win. After that Ron Blakeslee took over and held off a late charge by Jake “I’m Back” Talerico. Ron won the B Main by sections. After the scores were tabulated, the overall order had Bob, Dan and Jim in third.

    Top Qualifier Dan Ebert 3.6888
    Fast Lap during racing Dan Ebert 3.7262

    1. Bob Stanley 243 NTR
    2. Dan Ebert 240
    3. Jim Verga 221
    4. Lester Lucas 221
    5. Lorenzo Frietze 215
    6. Ron Blakeslee 201
    7. Jake Talarico 201
    8. Steve Loringer 187
    9. Doug Whaidame 178
    10. Bryan Ebert 153

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FCRathon February 9th Saturday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
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    Feb 2, 2013 FCR Results from NESCR

    FCR NRS at NESCR Feb 2, 2013

    The Trucks were placed on the starting line and yes we could see their shadows. We were in store for some fast racing. Bob Stanley didn’t disappoint the throng of racing fans, he qualified his Dodge Truck into the top spot and the first truck to run 3.8’s for a new track record. Three racers quickly separated themselves from the pack. As the race progressed, Bob S started to build a small lead over Dan Ebert and Chuck Kron. Along the way, Bullet Bob blistered the Fast Lap Record with a 4.008. By the end of the race, Bob had built a comfortable lead over Dan. Chuck fell off the pace, but had a big lead over 4th place finisher Jim V to cruise home with a podium spot. Lester Lucas and Lorenzo Frietze had a good battle going all race to determine their finishing positions. High Five to Bob on his win, breaking 2 records and tying the lap total record.

    Top Qualifier Bob Stanley 3.893 NTR
    Fast Lap during racing Bob Stanley 4.008 NTR

    1. Bob Stanley 222 NTR
    2. Dan Ebert 219
    3. Chuck Kron 216
    4. Jim Verga 203
    5. Lester Lucas 201
    6. Lorenzo Frietze 200
    7. Bryan Ebert 185
    8. Steve Loringer 164

    It was Groundhog Day all over again, as the Dirt Late Models took to the racing surface. The shadow of Dan Ebert’s car was quickly lost when he ran a 3.740 for the Top Qualifying spot. It was tough to sort out who was leading the Round Robin affair after two heats. It looked to be a 4 man race with Dan Ebert building a slight lead. But in the 3rd heat, Dan got tangled up in the bank and sent to the pits. He was able to return, but lost 12 laps in the heat. At that point Bob Stanley took over the lead with a slight edge over Chuck. The later heats had Chuck cutting into Bob’s lead every heat. When the power went off, Chuck Kron had edged out Bob by sections for his first DLM win of the new season. Jim Verga cruised home for the third podium spot. After pulling his car, Dan straightened his chassis and returned in the same heat to run the fast lap of the race. { 3.788}

    Top Qualifier Dan Ebert 3.740
    Fast Lap during racing Dan Ebert 3.788

    1. Chuck Kron 229
    2. Bob Stanley 229
    3. Jim Verga 226
    4. Dan Ebert 224
    5. Lester Lucas 212
    6. Lorenzo Frietze 208
    7. Bryan Ebert 202
    8. Steve Loringer 187

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FCRathon February 9th Saturday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
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    Results 4/13

    Race Results for 4/13 Points Races

    Super Spec
    Bob S jumped to a one lap lead early and hung on for the win. Bob crossed the lap counter and finished 20 feet in front of Dan E. Jim V set the fast lap, but a crash left him with an ill handling car late in the race.

    1. Bob Stanley 215 4.1682 TQ 4.079
    2. Dan Ebert 214 4.1678
    3. Jim Verga 210 4.1677
    4. Lorenzo Frietze 207 4.340
    5. Lester Lucas 193 4.449
    6. Steve Loringer 193 4.499
    7. Doug Salada 186 4.448

    Cup Division
    Bob lead Flag to Flag with no real challenges. The race was for second, with Jim just edging out Dan by sections. Steve L ran a personal best and missed the podium after a good run. Bob set the fast lap and TQ'ed.

    1. Bob Stanley 229 3.838 TQ 3.969
    2. Jim Verga 222 4.063
    3. Dan Ebert 222 4.069
    4. Steve Loringer 212 4.121
    5. Lester Lucas 209 4.183
    6. Lorenzo Frietze 207 4.276
    7. Doug Salada 179 4.449
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