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Thread: West Penn Racing League Race 3

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    West Penn Racing League Race 3

    West Penn Racing League
    Race #3 Rem Raceway, Mentor, Ohio
    January 19, 2013

    Another race is put in the record books. It was an awesome day of racing on REM’s famed Hillclimb. Once again the West Penn crew enjoyed a fun and competitive day of WPRL brand racing. Ray had his Gourmet Coffee brewing, the track ready and the World’s Largest Slot Car Racing Monitor turned on for race scoring. Brian McPherson took the Race Director’s stand and led us through a well paced and organized day of racing. The West Penn Crew would like to Thank both Ray and Brian for making our visit a great experience. The West Penn Staff would also like to thank them for all their help with making the day easier and running smoothly.

    FCR Nascar
    Race Director Brian M set up the 11 man Round Robin and we were off racing. The early going it was a 5 man race, with Chuck, Jim, Dan, Aaron and Steve filling the top spots. Aaron P had his car dialed in on the back half of the track. But after a few heats, Chuck K, Jim and Dan pulled away showing a horsepower advantage. Chuck used the fast lap of the race, a 6.101 to show the field the fast way around the track. It was a battle, and Chuck would gain a 3 to 5 section lead every heat to eventually pull to a 2 lap lead. Dan was able to pull away from Jim late in the race. Jim settled for third, but it wasn’t easy with Team Ploskunak both waiting for him to slip up. Newcomer to the Series, Kevin Cosgrove had a nice finish in his first WPRL FCR race. Chuck T. and Lester L finishes were decided by sections in a very close race. Concours winner was Steve Ploskunak with his Miller Beer Pontiac. We are going to have to put some dents in that car or everyone better get to painting so we can knock that Miller Car off of Concours Mountain!!!!

    1. Chuck Kron 148 laps 6.101 Fast lap of race
    2. Dan Ebert 146 6.147 lap time
    3. Jim Verga 144 6.163
    4. Steve Ploskunak 142 6.304
    5. Aaron Ploskunak 141 6.304
    6. Kevin Cosgrove 132 6.538
    7. Chick Thompson 129 6.648
    8. Lester Lucas 129 6.695
    9. Steve Loringer 119 6.859
    10. Bryan Ebert 112 6.804
    11. Lorenzo Frietze 111 6.819

    With 13 racers, the race was split into two Mains. The A Main quickly became a duel between Mike P and Jim V pulling away easily from the rest of the field. Mike pulled out to small lead. Black lane was Jim’s undoing and he fell back to finish 5 laps behind Mike. It was apparent that the bar was set in the A Main and the B would have their hands full. The B main started and it was Jay, Chuck and Dan. Chuck and Dan pulled away, but after 3 heats it was a race for second. Lap totals and times showed that neither, Chuck or Dan could catch Mike Peskar. With the 7 heat nearing the finish, Dan and Chuck tangled in the “Hammer Zone”. Both cars left the racing surface and hit the floor taking both out of the race. This turned the B Main win over to Jay “the Mad Mex” Sabala. A Main and overall winner was Mike P followed by Jim V with Steve P taking the final Podium spot, nipping Jay by a lap. Aaron Ploskunak had a Blue/Silver combo paint scheme on his Parma Mercedes body for the Concour’s win. Jim Verga ran the hot lap during the race with a nice 4.880 trip around the smooth Hillclimb.

    1. Mike Peskar 275 4.890
    2. Jim Verga 270 4.880
    3. Steve Ploskunak 254 5.209
    4. Jay Sabala 253 5.269
    5. Aaron Ploskunak 240 5.329
    6. Lester Lucas 234 5.539
    7. Dan Ebert 233 4.999
    8. Chuck Kron 232 5.048
    9. Lorenzo Frietze 229 5.650
    10. Kevin Cosgrove 218 5.490
    11. Steve Loringer 213 5.599
    12. Chuck Thompson 164 5.599
    13. Emilo Sabala 17 6.210

    Flexi Nascar
    Another 13 car field, so the field was split into 2 Mains. In the A Main, Jim V and Chuck K outclassed the rest of their group by nearly 20 laps. Finishing one, two a lap apart, they watched the second Main to determine their fate. It was clear after 2 heats that Mike Peskar would win barring any misfortune. He set the fast time on his way to the win with a 5.379. His JK chassis, Pro Slot motored and Outisight bodied car was the class of the field. Dan E and Lester battled for the remaining Podium spots. But Dan’s early 2 lap lead held the rest of the race. The Ploskunak Father Son duo had one hell of a race with each other with the nod going to Aaron by 2 feet. When the power went off, it was Mike taking the win with Jim second and Dan edging out Chuck K by 3 sections. Steve P won Concours with his Blue Taurus showcasing screaming Pink/White flames. He edged out 2 nicely detailed cars, Aaron P’s Pennzoil car and the Cosgrove Racing Dodge.
    1. Mike Peskar 169 5.379 Fast Lap of Race
    2. Jim Verga 158 5.550
    3. Dan Ebert 157 5.600
    4. Chuck Kron 157 5.600
    5. Lester Lucas 155 5.709
    6. Aaron Ploskunak 146 5.929
    7. Steve Ploskunak 146 5.979
    8. Bryan Ebert 139 6.089
    9. Lorenzo Frietze 136 6.259
    10. Emilo Sabala 128 6.100
    11. Kevin Cosgrove 128 6.530
    12. Steve Loringer 114 6.709
    13. Chuck Thompson 67 6.709

    Next West Penn racing League Event is at North East Slot Car Raceway. Saturday March 9th is the date. FCR and Flexi racing return to the roundy round circuit on NESCR’s 60 foot Tri Oval. The West Penn GT 1’s will be making their hot laps on the Reverse Orange road course. Thanks and a warm welcome to our newest WPRL racers Kevin Cosgrove, Jay and Emilo Sabala. And again thanks to Ray and Brian for hosting Race #3 of the WPRL Series. See you in March for the Championship Race and Season Award Presentations.
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