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Thread: Scale Racing Rules (Monthly Program) - The Track, Gaithersburg, Maryland

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    Scale Racing Rules (Monthly Program) - The Track, Gaithersburg, Maryland

    I’m posting the monthly scale racing rules for The Track in this forum:


    Updated February 27, 2014

    16806 Oakmont Ave.
    Gaithersburg, MD 20877.

    Mimi Wong, proprietor


    4 " Nascar
    Old and current USRA 4” Nascar bodies can be used. Please use USRA rules as a guideline”
    1 5/8” maximum rear height is allowed.
    Bodies - USRA Div II body rules (http://www.usraslots.com)
    Motor - 16d, Falcon 7, Hawk 7 (no short stack 16d arms)
    Gears, axel and tires- USRA Div II rules

    Sports Car
    USRA LMP, GT1 or ISRA B Production bodies can be used.
    ISRA NE (http://www.theisrausa.com/) or USRA Div II (both open and closed cockpit bodies)
    Maximum 1 5/8 rear height, or cut along the body trim line. Please leave some semblance of a bumper at the front
    Chassis - any Flexi
    Motor - S16d (no short stack arms), Hawk 7 (non-neo magnets), Hawk 6 P/S Puppy Dog (re-built allowed)
    Gears, axel and tires - ISRA NE/USRA Div II

    Bodies - USRA GTP type bodies can be used
    Maximum 1 5/8 rear height, or cut along the body trim line. Please leave some semblance of a bumper at the front
    Motor - S16d, S16c, Superwasp, Wasp, Contender, Competitor
    Chassis - any Flexi
    Gears, axle and tires - ISRA NE/USRA Div II

    - .063" clearance in the rear for all classes
    - metal spurs gears are allowed

    Retro Pro

    Retro Pro questions should be directed to Dale Granger aka Speedracer on OWH

    Mason- Dixon will be racing a retro pro series this next season. We will be holding two races at Speedzone Raceway in Mount Holly N.J.and at least one at Gaithersburg. Md. The first will be held on Speedzones new King track sometime before the Fall Brawl. All the dates will be announced as soon as possible. Points will be kept seperate from Mason Dixon championship.

    Rules are as follows.

    Any chassis legal as defined by IRRA or SCRRA is legal.
    There is no minimum weight.

    Motor will be PS4002 can, end bell and hardware.Magnets must remain stock. No honing of Magnets allowed.
    Allowed Armatures will be Pro-slot X-12, Big Dog. or Puppy dog only.
    Motor screws and Ball bearings may be added. Shunt wires allowed.
    Copper hardware is allowed.

    D-3 style bodies will be used. Wheel openings must be cut out.No additions to the body are allowed.
    A half inch spoiler may be added. Total height from the tech block to the top of the spoiler is 1 3/4 max.

    Approved bodies are,

    Mac-V10 Porsche917 PA
    Mac-V02 Ti22
    Mac-404 Lola T290
    Mac-V05 Ferrari 612
    Mac-V06 Ferrari 512M
    Mac- V07 Gulf Mirage
    Mac- V08 Porsche 917-30
    Mac- V09 McLaren M20
    True Scale Porsche917
    Toy Tech March 707
    OS-400 BRM
    OS-401 Shadow
    OS-404 Honda XR
    OS-04 Ti22
    OS-419 Retro Porsche917 Can-Am
    OS-468 Vintage Kirby 1969 Nissan Can-Am
    OS 917 Porsche
    OS MIrage

    Rear tire min. Dia. .790 .810 max width.
    Front tire may be cone wheel with O-Ring tire. 5/8 dia.
    Parma cone wheels are allowed

    Front clearance .015 at most forward part of chassis.
    Rear clearance .040 under axle and gear.

    No part of the chassis parts or motor may hang below the chassis main rails.
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