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Thread: NW Challenge Cup Series Spring 2013

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    NW Challenge Cup Series Spring 2013

    So this Saturday is the first race of the series for the GT12's and Eurosports. I hope everyone has their cars dialed in!

    On Saturday 3/2 we had a nice showing for our first race of the series for the Flexi based cars. We started off with 1/32 GTP. Aaron set a blistering time in qualifying trouncing the old track record. Unfortunately for Aaron he had a slow start on Purple lane and played catch up the rest of the race finishing a close second behind Bill Clemans.

    Next up was 1/24 LMP. I set TQ but the only lane my car worked on was orange. This is pretty rare as usually orange is the only lane my car doesn't like. Aaron had a very fast car and drove a great race for the win ahead of a hard charging Balistic Bob Everett and a very fast Ross Korsky who finished just feet behind Bob.

    Our last race of the day was Group 10 GTP. I again managed to TQ even though my car "felt" slow. It just wasn't winding out like it should. But it was an awesome race car and very easy to drive. I lead wire to wire for the win finishing 13 laps ahead of the field for a new new total lap record. Bill Clemans and Joe Lim shared the podium with me.

    For the race results please go to the live timing page on PSCR's web page. Here is a direct link to the results page.
    Gary Johnson

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    What a battle in the Group 10 race between Tim and Bob. Big Atta Boy to Timmy on his win. Judging by the number of times Gary lapped me, he would have been right there with those two had it not been for earlier car issues. As always, very competitive racing, and quite a few laughs as well.


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