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Thread: 2014 USRA Div 2 Nats Site

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    2014 USRA Div 2 Nats Site

    I just got a call from Jim Radford, and he was very pleased to let me know that Pacific Slot Car Raceways in Edgewood Washington will be the host of the 2014 USRA Div 2 Scale National Championship!

    Of course I am especially excited to hear this, as it gives me even more incentive to make plans to visit my family & friends next year while also attending and covering the Div 2 Nats on my "home track" back in Seattle.

    "The Twister" Ogilvie flat road course, that the majority of races will be on, is the same track used at the Div 2 Nats back in 2004 in Portland. I was extremely happy to help move that track from Portland Oregon to Seattle in 2009, and helped to rebuild the track at it's new home near Seattle.

    Since that time, the track has had new power supplies and major rewiring, as well as the LapMaster race manager system with live online timing, scoring, & webcast.

    The raceway also includes "The Chief" - a Hasse King Track with shortened finger, a reverse donut Ogilvie Hillclimb Track, and a drag strip.

    After the tragic loss of track owner and friend, Rob McCuistion, Jim Radford has taken the reigns to keep Rob's dream alive... and to continue to provide a first class slot car raceway in the Seattle area. The racing program has grown to include a variety of classes of racing throughout every week, in addition to providing a fun entertainment venue for kids of all ages to be introduced to and to enjoy this great hobby.

    More info about Pacific Slot Car Raceway can be found in their 2014 USRA Div 2 Nats Bid Proposal:


    I hope to be seeing many of my friends and fellow slot car racers next year at the USRA Div 2 Nats at PSCR in Seattle!!!

    Paul K @ OWH
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    Sweet! Looks like we're Seattle bound!
    Michael Colvin

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    That's great, 3rd Eye plans to attend.

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    Diane and I are deeply humbled by the vote and support we received at this years Nationals held at SpeedZone NJ. The USRA Nationals is more than a race to us, it is a longstanding tradition where fellow slot car enthusiasts can come together once a year for some of the greatest racing in the world. It is a great opportunity for pro and amateur racers to compete. I will take with me from this years nats the the lessons learned and strive to improve where possible. This year along with last at Frank Sarkelas Nats have been great experiences for me and I will do my best to put on a great event with fun fast competition of the finest group of racers.

    In our Proposal I named names of many people who got our raceway up and running years ago but I neglected to mention Raymond Batchelor SlapShot on OWH (purely an oversight) And wanted to also include him in my thanks along with those that helped bring racing back to the Northwest.

    It is our honor to be your host next year for the 2014 Division II USRA Nationals in Edgewood Washington
    Jim Radford
    Pacific Slot Car Raceways
    Visit us on Facebook
    (253) 446-5039
    Host site of the 2014 & 2016 DIV II USRA Nationals

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    anything like the Flats and this is gonna be a great Nats....... there will be a bunch of spuds coming to race the Nats next year....
    Jim Dalton
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    I am very excited for Jim, Dianne and the whole PSCR crew. They host a world class event every year (The Flats), have an incredible inventory and keep the tracks in great shape.

    With strong support from Washington, Idaho and NorCal this looks to be one for the books !
    Alan Ingram

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    Congrats on getting the Nats . Let wife know next year I will be traveling to Washington State for the Nats.
    Motors By Mic B
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    Congratulations Jim & PSCR! It was good to see you at this year's Nats.

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    I, of course, voted for one of two my home tracks, Mid-America in Chicago. That said, I very much look forward to coming to Seattle to race with all of my many friends there. It'll be great!


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    I can't wait to head out to Seattle. Since MIc is going I can't let him go out there by his self. LOL.
    Jon Madtes
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