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Thread: 1/24th Hard Body cars for sale H&R chassis and Parma FCR

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    1/24th Hard Body cars for sale H&R chassis and Parma FCR

    Just finished up a couple more cars and thought I would put them out there for everyone to see, you may get some ideas of what to build next.
    For this build I used the Lindberg 53 Ford kit, it is one of the least expensive kits available today. The color is Insignia White
    $110.00 + Shipping

    This is an replica of the 72 Monte Carlo driven by Sterling's Dad - Coo Coo Marlin.
    72 Chevy kits are hard to find, but I used it anyway.
    I love the wheels on this car, I used actaul NASCAR wheels and sanded & sanded until they fit the H&R wheels.
    I Mounted this one on a Parma FCR chassis and painted it to match the gold in the car.
    $115.00 + Shipping THIS IS SOLD

    This is Smokey Yunick's 665 Impala driven by Indy Car Champ Johnny Rutherford from Texas
    $110.00 + Shipping THIS CHEVY IS SOLD

    Last but not least ---- The only Slot Car I have ever built without race car numbers on it.
    1964 Ford Falcon. I love orange gold together. For this build I installed the full interior.
    Dash, Door panels, bucket seat and rear seat. A large recess was cut out of the
    floor pan and rear seat to make way for the Hot H&R Motor.
    $135.00 + Shipping FALCON IS SOLD.

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    Those are tooooo nice to race!

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    That falcon is Sweet!
    It's better to Have and Not Need than to Need and Not Have!!

    Chris Kendrick

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