Race Day Procedures

• Tracks will open at 8:00 AM on race day. Most tracks will be open on Fridays for practice. Please call individual tracks to confirm. A maximum $10.00 track pass fee may be charged.


First BRS class raced: $15.00 (Fee covers pre-race practice and track-provided lunch)
Second BRS class raced: $10.00
Third non-BRS class raced: TBD by individual tracks

• Pre-race practice will be held from 8:00 to 9:30 AM. Track power will be shut off promptly at 9:30. Practice will be conducted in an ‘open’ format. Please be courteous to fellow racers and not monopolize lanes and leave controllers hooked-up when not physically at the track panel. There will be NO practice sessions held between the F1/Indy and Can-Am races

• Tech opens at 9:30 AM and will close at 10:15 AM. Both F1/Indy and Can-Am will be teched at the same time. Tech procedures for the third class will be announced by the individual tracks. Following tech all cars will be placed in a secure impound area. Racers are not permitted to touch their cars until the start of pre-race warm-up. Following a race all cars will be returned to secure impound until it is determined that no protests have been filed and that a racer has fulfilled his marshalling assignment. Cars will then be released to the racers.

• A one-minute qualifying session will be held for both F1/Indy and Can-Am classes. A racers best lap and/or laps/sections will determine placement into mains/heats. Qualifying order will be determined by tech entry… first in line for tech will qualify last. Both classes will qualify immediately following tech.

• F1/Indy and Can-Am mains/heats will be three (3) minutes on… two (2) minutes off. Best lap totals from all mains/heats will determine the overall finish of the race. Lane assignments in mains/heats will be determined by qualifying results. Fast time will get first lane choice etc. A one-minute ‘warm-up’ period will be conducted prior to the start of each heat/main. There will be NO break taken for lunch. Participants will eat when not racing and/or marshalling.

• Concours judging will be held for F1/Indy and Can-Am classes at all events.

• Lane change cards MUST be used by all racers. A five-lap penalty may be given for non-use following a warning.

• Any unsportsmanlike conduct may also result in a five-lap penalty, or disqualification.

• Legitimate track calls will be discussed prior to the beginning of the race.

• BLACK FLAG RULE: Damaged cars that are a hazard may be ‘black flagged’ by the race director. A car that is black flagged must be removed and repaired before returning to competition. A car that loses its lane sticker will be immediately black flagged. Loss of a lane sticker is NOT a track call. Cars must have lane stickers at all times.

• Marshalling assignments will be announced. All racers are expected to marshal, or provide a replacement.

• Motor and tire protest fees and procedures are covered in the general IRRA LLC rule set. Please see: retroslotracing.com

• All Buckeye Retro Series events will be conducted under the rules, guidelines, procedures and by-laws of the IRRA LLC.


1. 100
2. 98
3. 96
4. 94
5. 92
6. 90
7. 88
8. 86
9. 84
10. 82
11. 80
12. 78
13. 76
14. 74
15. 72
16. 70
17. 68
18. 66
19. 64
20. 62
21. 60
22. 58
23. 56
24. 54
25. 52
26. 50
27. 48
28. 46
29. 44
30. 42
31. 40
32. 38
33. 36
34. 34
35. 32
36. 30
37. 28
38. 26
39. 24
40. 22
41. 20
42. 18
43. 16
44. 14
45. 12
46. 10
47. 8
48. 6

Any racer winning a B/C/D/E/F main/heat will receive two (2) bonus points.

The top qualifier in each class will receive one (1) bonus point.

Points will only be awarded in the F1/Indy and Can-Am classes.

BRS champions will be crowned in the North and South series. In addition an overall BRS champion will also be determined.