I will start to post our regular Thursday night race standings for all interested, courtesy of Mr. Steve Walker.

What we race: 1) Flexi- 16d Speed FX sealed. Sport coupe GTS bodies. 2) Retro CanAm inlines- any FK motor, but most run Hawk 7.

Foster's Race Report 1 August 2013

We had a fun evening of racing at Foster's!

GTS Race

We ran with two volunteer turn marshals - thanks Mark and Scott! Dennis took first with a 13 lap lead, with Steve Foster at second. Canaan followed closely at third. I was doing well until the 5th heat; after several collisions a solder joint holding my motor in the chassis cracked, ruining the gear mesh. After losing quite a few laps I put my other GTS car on the track but it was considerably slower.

1. Dennis Rios Laps 388 Best time 3.413 *Fast lap
2. Steve Foster Laps 375 Best time 3.523
3. Canaan Simpson Laps 372 Best time 3.516
4. Earl McCutcheon Laps 361 Best time 3.507
5. Len Myers Laps 360 Best time 3.617
6. Steve Walker Laps 345 Best time 3.508

Retro Race

We ran a Crash & Burn. Mark took first by 5 laps. Dennis followed at second, with Steve Foster at third. I was leading the race for a while but my chassis got bent after several collisons, and then my motor slowed way down in the last three heats. Bad luck! Scott is getting back in the groove after years away from slot cars.

1. Mark Wampler Laps 349 Best time 3.570
2. Dennis Rios Laps 344 Best time 3.524 *Fast lap
3. Steve Foster Laps 338 Best time 3.617
4. Earl McCutcheon Laps 324 Best time 3.789
5. Steve Walker Laps 319 Best time 3.570
6. Scott Mayfield Laps 254 Best time 3.960
7. Canaan Simpson Laps 235 Best time 3.625
Steve Foster plans to have the raceway open on Thursday, 8 August 2013.

Steve Walker