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Thread: Difalco slot car controller

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    Difalco slot car controller

    Difalco slot car controller with pro brake, 30 band high definition controller excellent for super 16d to wing cars. $140.00 shipping & handling $15.00

    Pro slots group 12 wing car 6 races on car. $100.00 shipping & handling $15.00

    Iam selling out due to local track has closed , it is also listed on ebay.

    I have cars, bodies, 48 pitch gears and 64 pitch gears, tires, braids, lead wires, motors, light weight motor spring, med weight motor springs, and heavy weight motor springs, big foot motor brushes, you ask i may have it.

    ragintaz@yahoo.com Thanks Greg

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    Is the controller sold? What else is left? Just wondering...

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