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Thread: What to do in LAX between 10 and 4

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    What to do in LAX between 10 and 4

    Any ideas, looked at tours and stuff like that but they dont seem to pickup from the airport.

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    One of the biggest problems is simply getting in and out of the airport. It sometimes has taken me over an hour just to get from the terminal to the rental car lot. That being said, the Mattel corporate headquarters isn't far from the airport. They've an outlet store on the premises that I've spent a pleasant hour or so in while taking a break from business meetings in the adjoining hotel.

    There's also a pretty good place neably for fresh fish that I usually hit for supper before flying home. Great wine and garlicky clams if you're into that. I usually chill out there while waiting for my flights. If that interests you and you have a way of getting out of the airport let me know and I'll look up the name for you.

    - Jeff

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    TAXI!! Sure way on and off the airport!!

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    You can't go far so I suggest you take at taxi to one spot, walk around, then come back. Best would be Santa Monica Pier and the Third Street Promenade a couple of blocks away. Takes about 20 minutes to get there from LAX and costs about $25. Tell driver to take Lincoln and drop you off at corner of Ocean and Santa Monica Blvd. If this Saturday or Sunday maybe go to Venice beach - starting at the corner of Windward and Pacific. It is a lively area. A slow walk along the boardwalk takes about an hour to get to SM Pier from there.

    To get back to the airport, you will have to telephone or Uber (a smartphone app) to get a taxi. Unlikely you can hail a taxi on the street in LA like you can in NYC or Chicago.
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    Are you aware Electric Dreams is located just down the street from LAX. You can go into the store and browse will they fill email orders. If you fill something you like they will be happy to take your order and fetch it for you. It isn't within walking distance how ever.
    John Andersen


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