I would like to thank the following people who made this nats happen

First Off Roger for hosting the event and Shontel for running the races, fantastic job!

The PJ Crew, Doug, Larry, DDDerek, Matt, Timmy, Damon

My Sponsor Stu Koford, Unbelievable products and services as usual, everything was perfect!

Beuf, Awesome Motors/Balancing, The Best there is!

Brad, Unbelievable Body and Car that i ran in ProG7, It was Perfect!

Waller, For Helping me Grab car in between heats, Thanks Bud

Last But Not Least, Skinner, Where to start...I would not be racing if it wasn't for this guy. He has been a huge help with me racing over the years and i cannot ask for anything else, He's more then a friend to me, like a father figure, I couldn't be more grateful to have this guy in my life in and outside of slot car racing, he just makes racing and outside life that much better, we always have tuns of laughs, whether we win or lose, we have a great time, Thank You Bill

Im sure im forgetting somebody, But i would like to thank you

If wondering What was run on my car

Chassis:Koford 531P-By Beuf/Brad
Body:Koford Peugot Done By Brad Friesner
Motor-Koford Can/Endbell 84 1/2 Motors Built By Myself, Skinner and Beuf
Tires-Thunder Beuf Blend
Gears:Koford Red Dot 39T and Black Diamond Pinion
Balance:BEUF!-The Best BTW