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Thread: Mid-South Slotcar Racing Association 2013-14 rulebook

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    Mid-South Slotcar Racing Association 2013-14 rulebook

    Here it is, folks!

    The NEW 2013-14 Mid-South Racing Association rulebook is published!

    This year, the rulebook is revised to make it easier to research your questions by providing completely separate sections for each class.

    Below is a summary of changes:

    1. Re-establish former schedule, with 9 races and 2 drops, starting in September and ending in May.
    2. ALL 5 classes will be run on Saturday. Friday night may be open for practice at track discretion. Saturday, track opens 7:30 AM, Busch Tech at 9 AM. Running order remains Busch, Truck, GTP, 4.5 Nascar, DLM.
    3. Re-establish dedicated Busch Amateur class, open only to locals and traveling Amateur drivers, using racers Parma 501, allowing only change springs, brushes and glue magnets, Plus $15 claimer rule. BODY will be O/S Non-COT ONLY (#232, 234, 236, 238, 254). Class will race for track bucks and O/S prizes. $15 entry fee for all.
    4. Pro Classes (Scale/Truck/GTP) will continue to run for season points fund only.
    5. Rename club as Mid-South Slotcar Racing Association (MSSRA).
    6. Eliminate practice wrist bands on race day.
    7. Track calls may be made for Overwhelmed Marshall at race directors discretion.
    8. Reduce season payout to top 5 (instead of 8).
    9. Reduce track buck payout to top 5 (instead of 8).
    10. Use Pre-2004 NASCAR style points system.
    11. Count ALL drivers (members and non-members) when tabulating points.
    12. Mandate all lane stickers be placed on windshield (excluding GTP). If found otherwise, driver will stop during green flag conditions to correct. Non-complying drivers will be penalized 5 laps.
    13. When possible, local track staff will serve as race director.
    14. In 4" NASCAR, eliminate the use of commercial chassis extenders, and eliminate 7" minimum overall body length.
    17. In NASTRUCK, add 4" truck bodies from Parma and Outasite, and eliminate minimum roof height.
    18. DLM motor change to Falcon 7, Hawk7, Demon, Evil 9, built 16D or balanced Parma 499. Class will race for track bucks. Eliminate Rear (back panel) of the body may be cut out. " of the back panel must be retained, measured from the top of the spoiler, down., eliminate body must be mounted with no more than gap between guide flag and front bumper, and eliminate Body must set level on chassis.
    19. In all classes, add rear wheel width is checked by fitting car in tool. Car should fall from tool by its own weight. Eliminate the prohibition of soldering on the chassis, eliminate spoiler height restriction, allow flat paper or plastic interiors, allow rear end chassis stiffener, motor mount or gear protector, as long as it doesnt stiffen the chassis from front to back, eliminate the rule may update chassis to RTR specs, allow filing bushings or upright holes vertically to offset bushings.
    20. In all 4 chassis classes, eliminate front wheel requirement entirely.
    21. To procure O/S contingency sponsorship, ADD the following bodies: O/S-251/252 bodies in the 4" NASCAR Class, O/S-067 Cadillac in GTP
    22. NASTRUCK motor change to 16d (from s16d)

    HERE is your new rule book!
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