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Thread: The Ultimate Brush Radius Tool

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    The Ultimate Brush Radius Tool

    Ultimate Racing Products

    The Ultimate Brush Radius Tool

    The Ultimate Brush Radius Tool, with knurled face and easy to use handle. Easily radius and de-glaze your motor brushes before break in. It only takes seconds with this easy to use tool. A must have tool for all motor builders.

    ULT-9607 Tool has cut-outs for horizontal brushes only. A must for those sealed motors, C & D can motors as well as cobalt motors. This tool can also be used in the 13-D motors that have replaceable motor brushes. Suggested retail price $15.95

    ULT-9605 Tool has cut-outs for both horizontal and vertical motor brushes. This tool can turn horizontal brushes into vertical and vice a versa. Suggested retail price $17.95 (Limited Supply)

    ULT-9608 Brush cutting tool kit less cutting tool. Use you favorite size diamond coated (Magnehone) radius tool. Suggested retail price $10.95

    Available at your local raceway.

    We support your local raceway. Please let us know if they do not carry our products and we will send them information. Contact Ed at: tech@slotcarsusa.com

    Peter Crawley, President
    Crawley Distributing Inc.
    (352) 799-4139
    (352) 799-4647 Fax
    Crawley Distributing
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