By Larry Mattingly


Team CHR drivers Cap Henry and Brad Feuerstein ran rough shod over the pack Sat. Oct. 26 at Kit and Cap Henry’s HMS Speedways and Hobbies in downtown Bellevue, OH. The dynamic duo placed first and second in the BRS South Formula One/Indy and Can-Am classes, with Henry picking up both wins. The pair traded finishing positions in the World Sports Car (WSC) Coupe division finale, with Feuerstein taking the honors.



Henry set the tone for the day in F1/Indy time trials by besting the 21-car field with a lap of 4.378 on the reconstructed 155’ swoopy Ogilvie King track, modified by Gary Gerding. Feuerstein was second quick at 4.426, edging CHR team mate David Krumnow (4.480). Michigan racer Rich Attee (4.544) and Ron Hershman (4.545) completed the top-five. Rick Davis’ track record of 4.218 was not challenged.

1. Cap Henry – 4.378
2. Brad Feuerstein – 4.426
3. David Krumnow – 4.489
4. Rich Attee – 4.554
5. Ron Hershman – 4.545
6. Bud Bartos – 4.564
7. Greg Fox – 4.612
8. Willy Custer – 4.640
9. Brian McPherson – 4.666
10. Brian Ambrose – 4.704
11. Frankie Schaffier – 4.705
12. Dave Mountz – 4.730
13. Ross Scharf – 4.788
14. Dan Forbush – 4.790
15. Gary Haworth – 4.888
16. Larry Mattingly – 4.896
17. Dan Myers – 4.904
18. Kevin Cosgrove – 5.043
19. Greg Krumnow – 5.194
20. Earl Graybill – 5.294
21. Dan ‘Pops’ Myers – 5.352



The letter ‘C’ in this race could have well represented ‘catastrophic’, or ‘crash fest’ with numerous grinding multi-car accidents and track calls for cars on the floor being the order of the day. Kevin Cosgrove, Larry Mattingly and Gary Haworth managed to survive the carnage to lead the first heat with 33-laps. Earl Graybill wasn’t as fortunate as a melee a minute into the race bent his car and over heated the motor, forcing him to the pit area for lengthy repairs. The top trio remained in command for the remainder of the race, swapping the top position back and forth. But even they didn’t go unscathed. Cosgrove encountered damage, as did Mattingly, who had both rear bearings kncked loose and the motor bent in an encounter early in the contest. Superb work by Cap Henry in the pits maintained the gear mesh on Mattingly’s entry, and despite running slower lap times, allowed him to enter the final segment with a one-lap margin over Cosgrove. Mattingly managed to pick up one more lap finishing on orange, while Cosgrove, who recorded his best ever retro finish, settled for second on the white lane. Haworth was one lap further back in third, finishing ahead of Greg Krumnow, Dan Myers, Dan ‘Pops’ Myers and Graybill


1. Larry Mattingly
Chassis: built by Tom Lauterbach / R-Geo (117.6 g) … Gear Ratio: 7/28 … Front Tires: T.L. ... Rear Tires: JK Treated … Body: O/S McLaren M-9 … Controller: Third Eye Renegade

2. Kevin Cosgrove
Chassis: built by Bud Bartos / Bartos Int. (113.3 g) … Gear Ratio: 7/28 … Front Tires: Bartos ... Rear Tires: Koford … Body: Parma Matra … Controller: Third Eye Renegade

3. Gary Haworth
Chassis: built by Gary Haworth / Haywire/ Slick 7 (108 g) … Gear Ratio: 7/29 … Front Tires: Sonic ... Rear Tires: Alpha … Body: O/S McLaren M-7 … Controller: Third Eye


Unheralded Frankie Schaffier raised every eye brow in the room, as he turned in a stellar effort to capture the B-Main. Schaffier jumped on top in the first heat leading Willy Custer, the big winner two weeks ago at REM Raceway, and Florida invader Brian Ambrose by a lap. ‘Farmer’ Dan Forbush, making his first BRS start of the year, bent a rear axle early eliminating him from the chase. The third heat shuffled the standings, as Schaffier surrendered P-1 to Custer, while Brian McPherson moved in front of Ambrose. McPherson fell off the pace on red, permitting Ambrose to move back into third during the following segment, and then into the lead during heat six with a 37-lap effort on the blue lane. Ambrose then faltered on purple, allowing Schaffier and Custer to move past him. The final two heats were a shootout between Schaffier and Custer, with Schaffier winning the battle by two-laps. Despite running 38-laps in his final round, Ambrose fell short, finishing one marker behind Custer. Dave Mountz had a solid run to finish fourth, trailed by McPherson, Ross Scharf and Forbush, both of whom suffered mechanical ills.


1. Frankie Schaffier
Chassis: built by Cap Henry / FSF (113.2 g) … Gear Ratio: 7/28 … Front Tires: JK
Rear Tires: JK … Body: Parma Matra … Controller: Difalco

2. Willy Custer
Chassis: built by Mark Kitto / MMW (116.7 g) … Gear Ratio: 7/28 … Front Tires: JK
Rear Tires: Alpha … Body: O/S McLaren M-7 … Controller: Difalco

3. Brian Ambrose
Chassis: built by Brian Ambrose / R-Geo (106.4 g) … Gear Ratio: 7/27 … Front Tires: HVR ... Rear Tires: JK … Body: McLaren M-7 … Controller: Third Eye


Barring a major disaster there seemed to be little doubt that Cap Henry was a heavy favorite to win the A-Main. And, if there was any doubt, Henry quickly put it to rest, by jumping out to a quick two-lap lead over team mate David Krumnow and three over Rich Attee after the first heat, by turning 40-laps on blue. Henry, who drives a winged sprint car on the All Star Circuit of Champions circuit during the summer months, increased his lead margin to three by the third segment, as Ron Hershman had moved past Krumnow for the second slot. Brad Feuerstein entered the picture in heat four, turning 39-laps on orange to leap frog over Hershman into second. Both racers, however, trailed the high flying Henry by five-laps. Henry increased the margin over Feuerstein and Krumnow to six during the next segment, with Hershman seven- laps off the pace back in fourth. After seven heats Henry was up by seven- laps over Feuerstein. The battle was for the final podium spot between Krumnow and Hershman, who were deadlocked for third nine-laps in back of Henry. Both racers were beside each other in the final go round, with Hershman getting the edge by turning 37-laps on purple to Krumnow’s 35 on black. Rich Attee , Greg Fox and Bud Bartos rounded out the field. In addition to the win Henry also eclipsed the former race mark of 307-laps held by Rick Davis by traveling 309-laps.


1. Cap Henry
Chassis: built by Dennis Samson / Samson (111.8 g) … Gear Ratio: 7/27 … Front Tires: JK ... Rear Tires: Koford Soft … Body: Parma Matra … Controller: Difalco

2. Brad Feuerstein
Chassis: built by Dennis Samson / Samson (111.5 g) … Gear Ratio: 7/26 … Front Tires: JK ... Rear Tires: Koford Soft … Body: Parma Matra … Controller: Difalco

3. Ron Hershman
Chassis: built by RPM / JK hybrid (115.0 g) … Gear Ratio: 7/29 … Front Tire: Samson ... Rear Tire: Alpha … Body: O/S McLaren M-7 … Controller: Difalco


1. Cap Henry – 309
2. Brad Feuerstein – 302
3. Ron Hershman – 298
4. David Krumnow – 296
5. Rich Attee - 288
6. Greg Fox – 285
7. Bud Bartos – 283+20
8. Frankie Schaffier – 283+12
9. Willy Custer – 281
10. Brian Ambrose – 280
11. Dave Mountz – 276
12. Brian McPherson – 272
13. Larry Mattingly – 262
14. Kevin Cosgrove – 260
15. Gary Haworth – 259
16. Greg Krumnow – 254
17. Dan Myers – 248
18. Dan ‘Pops’ Myers - 227
19. Ross Scharf – 221
20. Earl Graybill – 179
21. Dan Forbush - 70



Cap Henry again stamped himself as the driver to beat, leading a parade of no less than six drivers who broke the previous Can-Am track record of 4.442 held by Rick Davis. The Bellevue, OH native turned in a sizzling lap of 4.134 in establishing the new standard. Bud Bartos was the second quickest with a lap of 4.292, followed by Brad Feurerstein (4.354), Ron Hershman (4.358), David Krumnow (4.413), and Rich Attee (4.421).

1. Cap Henry – 4.134
2. Bud Bartos – 4.292
3. Brad Feuerstein – 4.354
4. Ron Hershman – 4.358
5. David Krumnow – 4.413
6. Rich Attee – 4.421
7. Greg Fox – 4.477
8. Mike Garrett – 4.493
9. Willy Custer – 4.522
10. Brian Ambrose – 4.539
11. Dan Myers – 4.548
12. Dan Forbush – 4.567
13. Ross Scharf – 4.575
14. Dave Mountz – 4.604
15 Gary Haworth – 4.661
16. Frankie Schaffier – 4.694
17. Brian McPherson – 4.694
18. Kevin Cosgrove – 4.707
19. Larry Mattingly – 4.758
20. Earl Graybill – 4.873
21. Dan ‘Pops’ Myers – 5.002



REM Raceway manager Brian McPherson made short work of the C-Main, as he led from start to finish to win by a seven-lap advantage over Larry Mattingly. The Mentor, OH driver jumped on top early and built up a two-lap spread over Mattingly and three laps over Frankie Schaffier by the close of the third segment. Mattingly made a race out of it for awhile, pulling even with McPherson as the checker fell on segment four. After that, however, McPherson slammed the door, as he went back in front by three-laps in the next heat, and steadily increased his lead to win by seven over Mattingly at the finish. Gary Haworth caught Schaffier in the sixth segment and forged ahead by two-laps to complete the podium. Schaffier held on for fourth, over Kevin Cosgrove, Earl Graybill and Pops Myers, who spun a pinion in the first heat.


1. Brian McPherson
Chassis: built by Bud Bartos / Bartos (109.5 g) … Gear Ratio: 7/28 … Front Tires: JK
Rear Tires: No data submitted … Body: JK Ti-22 … Controller: Third Eye

2. Larry Mattingly
Chassis: built by Merry Muffin / R-Geo Dragon Slayer 2 (104.5 g) … Gear Ratio: 7/28 … Front Tires: JK ... Rear Tires: Koford Soft … Body: O/S Ti-22 … Controller: Third Eye Renegade 2

3. Gary Haworth
Chassis: built by Gary Haworth / Haywire/Slick 7 … Gear Ratio: 7/28 … Front Tires: Sonic ... Rear Tires: Koford Soft … Body: O/S Ti-22 NN … Controller: Third Eye


The B-Main essentially ended up as a three man race with Mike ‘Raisin’ Garrett and Brian Ambrose attempting to chase down Willy Custer for the majority of the contest. The three above drivers were tied in laps after the first heat, but Custer quickly moved out to a two-lap spread after the second segment and never looked back. Garrett and Ambrose kept Custer in their sights, but never were able to get within two-laps of the leader the rest of the way. Garrett solidified his hold on the runner-up slot, while Ambrose faded late in the contest, surrendering third place to Ross Scharf after six rounds. Custer cruised to a four-lap win over Garrett, while Scharf was a distant third 16 laps off the pace. Dave Mountz nipped Ambrose for fourth by track position, while Dan Forbush and Dan Myers finished sixth and seventh in the final run down.


1. Willy Custer
Chassis: built by Rick Davis / Davis (102.5 g) … Gear Ratio: 7/28 … Front Tires: JK
Rear Tires: Koford Soft … Body: O/S Ti-22 NN … Controller: Difalco

2. Mike Garrett
Chassis: built by Mike Garrett / JK (109.1 g) … Gear Ratio: 7/28 … Front Tires: JK
Rear Tires: Koford Soft …Body: O/S Ti-22 … Controller: Third Eye

3. Ross Scharf
Chassis: built by RPM / JK (107.1 g) … Gear Ratio: 7/28 … Front Tires: JK
Rear Tires: Koford Soft … Body: O/S Ti-22 NN … Controller: Difalco


As expected the A-Main finale ended up as ‘dog fight’ between CHR team drivers Cap Henry and Brad Feuerstein, with Henry getting his second win of the day in a hard fought contest. Henry laid down the gauntlet early recording two 41-lap totals on blue and purple in the opening two heats to take a commanding four-lap lead over David Krumnow and Ron Hershman. Henry didn’t let up in the third segment, nailing 40-laps in the black lane to lead by five over Feuerstein, who had moved into the second position by also responding with a 40-lap effort on yellow. Heat four may have been the one that decided the outcome of the race, as Henry struggled with a 37 on yellow, however, Feuerstein could only manage a 38 on orange to cut the lead to four-laps. Feuerstein spent the next four heats attempting to run Henry down, but fell two laps short at the end. Meanwhile, Hershman had moved solidly into third place by the seventh segment to finish nine laps behind. Rich Attee finished fourth over Bud Bartos by track position, ahead of Krumnow and Greg Fox. Henry ended with 313-laps to Feuerstein’s 311. Both drivers broke the former track record of 310-laps held by Rick Davis.


1. Cap Henry
Chassis: built by CHR Cars / R-Geo-JK hybrid (105.5 g) … Gear Ratio: 7/28 … Front Tires: JK ... Rear Tires: JK Wonder … Body: Parma Ti-22 … Controller: Difalco

2. Brad Feuerstein
Chassis: built by CHR Cars / R-Geo (104.3 g) … Gear Ratio: 7/28 … Front Tires: JK
Rear Tires: JK Wonder … Body: Parma Ti-22 … Controller: Difalco

3. Ron Hershman
Chassis: built by RPM ‘Big Cock’ / JK-Warmack hybrid (105.9 g) … Gear Ratio: 7/28 … Front Tires: Sonic … Rear Tires: Koford Soft … Body: O/S Ti-22 … Controller: Difalco


1. Cap Henry - 313
2. Brad Feuerstein – 311
3. Ron Hershman – 304
4. Rich Attee – 299+15
5. Bud Bartos – 299+1
6. David Krumnow – 297
7. Willy Custer – 296
8. Greg Fox – 292+19
9. Mike Garrett – 292+7
10. Brian McPherson – 285
11. Ross Scharf – 280
12. Dave Mountz – 278+14
13. Brian Ambrose – 278+12
14. Larry Mattingly – 278+2
15. Gary Haworth – 276
16. Dan Forbush – 275
17. Frankie Schaffier – 274+12
18. Dan Myers – 274+5
19. Kevin Cosgrove – 267
20. Earl Graybill – 263
21. Dan ‘Pops’ Myers - 192



Florida invader Brian Ambrose finally got hooked up in the WSC B-Main to nail down a win after holding off veteran wing car racers Greg Fox and Mike Garrett over the course of the contest. Ambrose led the entire way establishing an early three-lap lead over the first two heats. Greg Fox came back to pull even during segments three and four, but Ambrose put it in high gear during heat five, and went on to win by a two-lap margin over Fox at the finish. Garrett broke his car early in the final heat, giving the third position to Ross Scharf on a silver platter. Frankie Schaffier was fourth, in front of Dan Myers, Garrett, and Dan ‘Pops’ Myers.


Brad Feuerstein stopped Cap Henry’s bid for a hat trick on the day by racing to a two-lap win in the WSC A-Main. Feuerstein got off to a good start, leading Ron Hershman and Henry after the first heat. Henry ripped of 40-laps in the orange lane, however, to go back on top by one-lap after the second segment. Henry continued to pace the field until the final heat when Feuerstein surged back in front. Hershman had dropped out of the hunt earlier, which permitted Bud Bartos to assume third place. Willy Custer placed fourth trailed by David Krumnow and Hershman.


1. Brad Feuerstein – 235
2. Cap Henry – 232
3. Brian Ambrose – 224
4. Bud Bartos – 223
5. Greg Fox – 222
6. Willy Custer – 220
7. David Krumnow – 218
8. Ross Scharf – 211
9. Frankie Schaffier – 207
10. Dan Myers – 205
11. Mike Garrett – 187
12. Dan ‘Pops’ Myers – 175
13. Ron Hershman – 147



1. Earl Graybill 2. Cap Henry 3. Brian McPherson


1. Earl Graybill 2. Cap Henry 3. Brian McPherson


Retro racing returned to HMS Speedway, and received a clean bill of health from the racers in attendance. In a previous race the track was plagued with cars ‘launching’ going into the banked turn. However, track owners Cap and Kit Henry adjusted the transition entering the banking which solved the issue. The HMS Ogilvie King has a bit of history behind it, previously being at the former R-Geo Raceway in Butler, PA when Rick Bennardo hosted the 1998 USRA Div.I Nats. This was also the track on which current retro chassis builder Rande Marshal captured the USRA National Open Group 7 championship in 1998. The track was originally 165’ in length, but was shortened by 10 feet by Gary Gerding to shoe horn it into the space available at HMS. The track is unique and unlike any other King track in the country, in that it is a ‘drivers’ track on the front half and a ‘punch bowl’ on the back half. The transition coming off of the banking upsets the cars, and coupled with a difficult dead man, makes the track treacherous to drive. The banked donut fascinated newcomers, however, as it can be driven full punch across all eight lanes… Speaking of Gary Gerding, the hobbies preeminent track builder was on hand at HMS on Saturday. Gerding was there to work on three of the HMS tracks on the third floor which sustained water damage during a summer storm. Gerding also indicated that while he was in the area, he would be routing the braid recess on David Krumnow’s original 95’ American Black Royal at Fastraxxx in Fremont, OH, which is currently being refurbished. Fastraxxx will be hosting round three of the recently announced American Series, which will be contested on original American Raceway tracks. Other venues hosting races are Thazer Raceway in South Bend, IN (original American Hill Climb) and Rt. 93 in Akron, OH (original American Blue King)…. Florida’s Brian Ambrose was a welcome ‘visiting fireman’ to HMS, as his work has him in Toledo, OH for the better part of a month. Brian was very competitive racing with the BRS crew. Brian also won the hearts of a couple youngsters, when he gave them one of his cars as a reward for helping to marshal during the day. Careful Brian, you just might lose your ‘bad boy’ image… Good to see ‘Farmer’ Dan Forbush racing again. Dan had a rare Satuday off work, and spent it racing retro… Rich Attee, Dave Mountz and Mike Garrett all made the trip from Michigan to compete with BRS…Frankie Schaffier and Kevin Cosgrove had the best retro races of their careers. Schaffier won the F1/Indy B-Main in convincing fashion, and Cosgrove finished second in the F1/Indy C-Main behind Larry Mattingly…A couple of other BRS newcomers were Greg Krumnow, David’s brother, and Dan ‘Pops’ Myers, father of BRS BoD member, Dan Myers… Thanks go out again to Shontel Howard of Dallas Slot Cars for posting the BRS results on Face Book on race day… HMS co-owner Kit Henry was MIA on Sat., as the elder Henry was busy promoting the family go-kart track in nearby Fremont, Ohio.

NEXT RACE: MMW, Canton, OH … Sat. Nov. 9 … 161’ Kitto King