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Thread: looking to maybe host a few events

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    looking to maybe host a few events

    Were a new track in central il(mason city) with a tunkle paper clip looking to maybe host some retro and other class events are there any teaveling series around or that would consider coming this far south?
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    The IRRL would have to pass.

    You are 3 1/2 - 4 hrs from the majority of our racers in the northern suburbs of Chicago and South Bend, Ind.
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    For all the years I've been running a series and scheduling races my advice to new raceways has been constant. Decide who/what series you want to try to attract, start running those types of cars locally, build up a following then perhaps have some of your racers travel to other series races that group is having. At that point see if you can get on the schedule for races at your facility.

    It's only fair to traveling racers that you have some sort of local support for the races at your facility.
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    Be sure to submit all your updated raceway info to the OWH Slot Car Raceway Directory!

    For clubs and private track locations - you can simply leave out the street address if desired,
    but you must include the city, state, & zip code so it is searchable!

    Be sure to leave the club web site and/or Facebook Page URL as well as email contact info
    - so new racers in your area can get in touch and join the fun!

    <----- (click on the button or HERE)

    Just click on the "Add a Raceway" link and fill in the handy-dandy form to submit all your info.

    I'll be sure to get it added to the Slot Car Raceway Directory ASAP!

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    My advice would be.
    Do/race what your local, supporting racers want, and only then worry about any traveling series. Those in the traveling series are not the ones that will be keeping the place open the rest of the year.
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    Thanks everyone and thanks paul ill get that to you asap

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    Track power negative polarity? Why? Jackie u got some good advice from a couple of guys here. Build your local clientele first. We have been open since 1966I've and still going strong with our Flexi program. We had 37 entries in last nights races. We have ran turbo flex chassis since 1995 as a box stock class.when we added the hill climb in 2003 we made it stupid fast thus drawing in the full glue racers. But I never tried to interduce it to my local racers, who pay the bills.No matter what anyone says, the economy is still in the tank. Low budget racing keeping the cost under 100.00 is the best way to get started. Not many tracks can boast an average of 40 entries a week and being in business for 48 years. Just sayin.

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    One way of introducing 'new' racing classes is the LOOK, if not the actual rulebook, line for line. Retro appeals to many for different reasons. The Retro body style is the early CanAm bodies of pre 1970, even though bodies from EVERY era of racing are made today. Changing the body for a flexi class adds variety with little cost increase. WSC one month, stock cars another, can am, pony cars, etc.....no real need to change the whole program all at once....sometimes brings in new racers.

    Around Chicago, we have not been able to sustain more than a few true retro stock car races, and I have set up the retro SC bodies on my FCR cars to help change a little.
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