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Thread: Pro Slot Ltd. New Release

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    Pro Slot Ltd. New Release

    Available about Dec. 1, 2013

    We are excited and pleased to release our PS-4002FK motor.

    Everyone has been waiting for an FK motor for sealed motor racing and Retro racing with a combination of tamper proof endbell/can and replaceable brushes with the same specs that everyone is using now.

    This motor is based on our FK-MK1 series of motors and features poly/neo magnets, 65 turns of 30 gauge wire, 15 timing, with clockwise rotation from the can side. The shafts are long enough for Comm Coolers and endbell drive if desired.

    The enbells are glued on, the tabs are crimped, they are drilled and tapped, screws installed can to endbell and our seals are used. These are the same specs as the current FK motors offered by other companies in this market place.

    PS-4002FK Euro MK1 Motor, 65 turns of 30, 15 timing, poly neo magnets, glued on endbells, crimped tabs, drilled and tapped with screws installed can to endbell and then covered by our SpeedFX Seals. $13.95

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    Hi Dan!

    Love the idea of this motor, but how do I get S.C.R.R.A to use them?


    PS where is my bud Vitter, Bela.
    I'm the most boring person you could meet.


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