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Thread: search for Orlando Slot Car Raceway possible in 2015-16

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    Cool search for Orlando Slot Car Raceway possible in 2015-16

    hi my name is Anson Rackoff i am son of Late of Carl Rackoff i am thinking about coming back to Slot Car Racing but one thing i really want learn about Slot Car Racing fix because i want race Pro Box Stock 15 or 12 i am not i want do for my dad and (Liver Cancer) i do miss him and i know everybody do miss him! i want do honor for him! no matter want never give up on him so! i have alot of thought about missing racing since 2001 USRA NAT in Port Jefferson Raceway in Coram right now its in Ronkonkoma i do miss race i take long time time off its hurt i quit my dad racing because its hurt trust my dad's race because he tend blew his motor no offense on my dad now i want do myself on motor and body design my goal i planning move to Orlando area in summer of 2015 with my future wife because i will show her that my hobby since 1989 pretty long time ha! be honest with you i never forget about slot car! i love pro box stock, group 10 and int 15 i am not sure! i need more practice take time to come back i dont want like end up like my dad! if you want be honor my dad we can do! thanks let me know if you want talk to me you can ask me for facebook or e mail whatever you want
    Anson Joseph Rackoff (AJ)

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    Welcome back Anson. Those of us that have been around a while remember you dad and I'm sure you will do him proud when you decide to race again.
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