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Thread: What would attract you to the Nats ?

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    you know its the nats!
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    My first race was the 81 nats in Milwaukee. It was run over a weekend . 4 claassses. Int 15 , 27, semi-pro, and pro. Had a blast and got hooked on this hobby. I have only been able to race 1 other Nats but really look forward to racing ibn 1 again. $$$$$(wife spends it) or the job or both always get in the way.
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    from an oldtimer

    First Nats was Broadway Hobbies..... 1973-74?

    Let's keep this real simple:

    1) Have you ever attended the Nats to watch ?
    Last Nats at Buena Park.

    2) If so, which Division ?
    Didn't really matter since I wanted to see some people I had not seen for a long time and to see the insanity of Nats racing. I think it was G15 on one day and G7 SP/pro on another.

    3) Did you compete at the Nats ?
    74,75,76,77,78,79,80,81,83,84,85,91,92,93 in g27 and/or SP g7. The list may not be entirely accurate, it's what I'm recalling as I write this.

    4) If not, why not ?
    skipped many years due to finances, business, family and lack of desire and time.

    5) What would it take for you to compete at the Nats ?
    Going insane.... or someone sticking the needle of potential enjoyment into a mainline vain. Seriously, I stopped in '93 because blipping twice a lap wasn't interesting. I lost the car several times during my race because of the mayhem and the speed of the cars (yeah, I KNOW they're faster now!). I also became weary of King tracks: they became boring. You'll notice I returned to run on the Purple Mile in Georgia and stayed and few years longer. Basically, I found my limits of talent and interest and decided slot cars were no longer "my hobby", although I'm still peripherally involved.

    6) For those that want to go but have not, what is keeping you from going ?

    See above with the following addition: I'm from another time and era. My attitude is very, very different then the racers of today. I'm afraid that there'd be blood involved (most likely mine) if I were to race again and that isn't what I call FUN.... (there, I said it, THE "F" word)
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    I have competed at many Division 1 NATS and hope to compete at many more. But I do think there are too many classes at today's NATS! I like the way it was in the 1980's where Sponsored Pro Racers ran in Pro Gr.7 only and all of the other classes were amateur. At that time Int.15, Gr.27 and Semi-pro were the only other classes. I think the whole NATS was completed in 4 days and that's as long as it should be! The only possible exception would be the addition of the Geezer Race. This would be the same as the Champion's Golf Tour where golfers that are no longer competitive on the PGA Tour and can compete against their peers.

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    I would also include OMO good bang for G7 buck.....

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    If I were to attend a nats race, divI or II, I would be going strictly as an observer. I say this because I have zero experience with wing cars since the closest raceway I know of that has any regular wing racing is just over three hours away. I did build a pseudo grp 12 to play with for when I get the SCM bug and want to go fast. I know grp 12 isn't really fast, but I don't have any king tracks close, so this is plenty fast for the tracks I regularly race. I would not race in a div II nats event as I do not consider myself even close to a nats caliber racer. I know the only way to get better is to race, take the butt whippin, and learn from it, but right now I can't justify the time and effort to race for the last position. That being said, I would only go to the effort to go watch if the venue is somewhat close. This may sound foolish to some of you, but I would like the opportunity to watch some of the the big guys in action, and I can still gain quite a bit of knowledge just by watching and listening. I would also enjoy the opportunity so see some of the classes that aren't raced in my area, particularly the flat track racing. The only flat track in my area is the nats track from Anderson SC, and it is currently in storage.
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    Has anything like a playoff or bracket system been considered for regional participation leading up to the NATS? Like a playoff system before the Superbowl. Maybe getting more people involved regionally would lead to more interest in the results? And perhaps....one of the suggested responsibilities of the winner would to do like Miss America and go visit a few raceways to race. Could be those are all terrible ideas but....trying to think of a different paradigm and these things are already practiced by other venues and attractions.

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