By Larry Mattingly


FREMONT, OH … Willy Custer will readily admit that he is more at home on King-style tracks, but that didn’t deter him from winning both the overall Formula One/Indy and Can-Am mains at race number three of the American Raceway’s Retro Series, that was held Sunday Jan. 19 on an original American Raceway’s 95 foot Black Royal at Chris Earnhart’s Fastraxxx Raceway in Fremont, Ohio.

The unique mini-series, which was run under the banner of the IRRA LLC, featured three events on original American Raceway’s tracks that were constructed by the premier slot car track builder in the mid- 1960s. Other tracks in the series included an American Hill Climb at Thazer Raceway in South Bend, IN, and the Blue King at Route 93 Raceway in Akron, OH.



Brad Feurstein used the occasion to record his first career quick time in retro racing by barely edging out team mate Cap Henry with a run of 3.661 to Cap’s 3.668. Will Custer was third fastest with a run of 3.749, followed by Ron Hershman (3.766) and Rick Davis (3.785). Feurstein’s time was an automatic track record.

1. Brad Feurstein – 3.661
2. Cap Henry – 3.668
3. Willy Custer – 3.749
4. Ron Hershman – 3.766
5. Rick Davis – 3.785
6. Dave Feidler – 3.796
7. Dan Myers II – 3.915
8. Greg Gorsky – 3.934
9. Ross Scharf – 3.965
10. Rich Attee – 4.011
11. Rick Stagen – 4.012
12. Greg Krumnow – 4.110
13. Dave Geehring – 4.123
14. Larry Mattingly – 4.158
15. Dan ‘Pops’ Myers – 4.300
16. Justin Porter – No Time



The B-Main was a see-saw affair with as many as six different drivers in the hunt for the victory at one time or another during the 24-minutes of racing. Rick Stagen led after the first heat with 41 laps on purple, but was closely followed by Larry Mattingly, Greg Krumnow, Rich Attee and Ross Scharf, who were all credited with 40 laps. Mattingly and Attee were on top after the second heat, after Stagen stumbled a bit in the black gutter lane. Stagen joined the front of the pack again after three with a strong 43 lap performance on yellow to pull even with Mattingly and Attee. Newcomer Justin Porter and Scharf were three laps further back. Stagen was leading at the half way mark by one circuit over Attee and Scharf, with Mattingly falling to fourth. Disaster struck Stagen in heat six, as a broken lead wire dropped him from contention. Attee was now alone in first, trailed by Mattingly and Scharf. Attee increased his lead over the final two heats, while Scharf managed to get around Mattingly for the runner-up spot. Porter annexed fourth, over Dave Geehring, Krumnow, who also had mechanical issues, Dan ‘Pops’ Myers and Stagen.

1. Rich Attee – 332 laps
2. Ross Scharf – 323 laps
3. Larry Mattingly – 317 laps
4. Justin Porter – 313 laps
5. Dave Geehring – 310 laps
6. Greg Krumnow – 276 laps
7. Dan ‘Pops’ Myers – 269 laps
8. Rick Stagen – 218 laps


In the A-Main veteran Michigan racer Rick Davis jumped in front early, setting the early pace for the first three heats. Davis held off Brad Feurstein, Cap Henry and Willy Custer, who were nipping at his heels. Custer surged into the lead after the next segment to go up by five laps over Feurstein and Davis. Feurstein peked away at Custer’s lead over the next two heats, and found himself in the lead by two laps over Custer and Henry going into the final segment. .Custer, however, pulled out all the stops accumulating 47 laps, and running a fast time of 3.679 in the orange lane compared to Feuerstein’s 42 laps on green to pick up the checker by a three lap margin. Henry grabbed the final podium position by a single marker over Davis, who had to settle for a close fourth. Ron Hershman was fifth, followed by Sano Dave Feidler, Dan Myers II and Greg Gorsky, who had the misfortune of suffering a broken lead wire at the beginning of the first heat.

1. Willy Custer – 352 laps
2. Brad Feurstein – 249 laps
3. Cap Henry – 345 laps
4. Rick Davis – 344 laps
5. Ron Hershman – 333 laps
6. Dave Feidler – 328 laps
7. Dan Myers II – 327 laps
8. Greg Gorsky – 305 laps


1. Willy Custer – 352
2. Brad Feurstein – 349
3. Cap Henry – 345
4. Rick Davis – 344
5. Ron Hershman – 333
6. Rich Attee – 332
7. Dave Feidler – 328
8. Dan Myers II – 327
9. Ross Scharf – 323
10. Larry Mattingly – 317
11. Justin Porter – 313
12. Dave Geehring – 310
13. Greg Gorsky – 305
14. Greg Krumnow – 276
15. Dan ‘Pops’ Myers – 269
16. Rick Stagen – 218


1. Willy Custer
Chassis: Built by RPM / JK (120g) … Gear Ratio: 7/29 … Front Tires: JK
Rear Tires: Alpha … Body: O/S McLaren M7 … Controller: Difalco

2. Brad Feurstein
Chassis: Built by Dennis Samson / Scratch (110g) … Gear Ratio: 7/29 … Front Tires: JK
Rear Tires: Voska … Body: Parma Matra … Controller: Difalco

3. Cap Henry
Chassis: Built by Dennis Samson / Scratch (112.5 g) … Gear Ratio: 7/29 … Front Tires: JK
Rear Tires: Parma Tuna … Body: Parma Matra … Controller: Difalco



Ron Hershman led a 19 car field in Can-Am time trials by touring the 95 feet in 3.598 seconds. Brad Feurstein recorded the second fastest lap with a time of 3.610, just edging Dave Feidler (3.616). Rick Stagen (3.635) was next in line over Dave Geehring (3.673). Eight drivers qualified under the 3.70 mark, and 14 racers broke the 4.00 barrier. Hershman’s time was an automatic Can-Am track record.

1. Ron Hershman – 3.598
2. Brad Feurstein – 3.610
3. Dave Feidler – 3.616
4. Rick Stagen – 3.635
5. Dave Geerhing - 3.673
6. Cap Henry – 3.683
7. Willy Custer – 3.697
8. Rich Attee – 3.699
9. Rick Davis – 3.704
10. Kit Henry – 3.784
11. Jim Mills - 3.825
12. Greg Krumnow – 3.834
13. Ross Scharf – 3.841
14. Sam Weaver – 3.876
15. Greg Gorski – 4.003
16. Larry Mattingly – 4.043
17. Dan Myers II – 4.062
18. Justin Porter – 4.344
19. Dan ‘Pops’ Myers – 4.392



Dan Myers II and Larry Mattingly were the early leaders after the first segment, as both drivers turned 40 laps to lead young Sam Weaver, who was making his first retro start, by a lap. Eventual victor Greg Gorski took over command after the second heat and maintained his lead for the remainder of the race. Justin Porter pulled into second, pushing Myers II back to third. Gorski continued to build on his lead from this point, while four other drivers traded the second and third positions back and forth. At the finish Mattingly secured second by three laps over Porter. Myers II was fourth in front of Weaver and Dan ‘Pops’ Myers.

1. Greg Gorski – 324 laps
2. Larry Mattingly – 315 laps
3. Justin Porter – 312 laps
4. Dan Myers II – 310 laps
5. Sam Weaver – 307 laps
6. Dan ‘Pops’ Myers – 267 laps

B Main

Rich Attee led Rick Davis by one lap after the first segment in the B-Main. But, after that it was no contest, as Davis moved into first after the second heat and never looked back piling up a huge lead to win going away by 24 laps. The race was essentially for second between Attee, Greg Krumnow and Ross Scharf. Attee held second with a comfortable margin over third place Scharf until the seventh heat, when he experienced a mechanical problem on black, which forced him to the pits. This allowed Kit Henry to vault into second with a one lap lead over Attee and Scharf. The final segment found Scharf turning 44 laps on orange to nail down second, while Attee settled for third turning 42 laps on yellow. Henry had a disastrous 34 laps on black which dropped him to a distant fourth. Krumnow was fifth, with Jim Mills in the sixth spot.

1. Rick Davis – 359 laps
2. Ross Scharf – 335 laps
3. Rich Attee – 333 laps
4. Kit Henry – 326 laps
5. Greg Krumnow – 324 laps
6. Jim Mills – 294 laps

A Main

The A Main turned out to be a ‘Battle Royale’ on the Royal, as only three laps separated the top four finishers at the end of the contest. Ron Hershman, Brad Feurstein, and Cap Henry all took turns leading during the first three heats, as only one lap separated the top four positions. Hershman went back on top after segment four, but quickly gave way to Feurstein, who was in command by two laps over Hershman and Willy Custer at the close of the sixth heat. Custer took the lead for the first time in heat seven, turning an amazing 47 laps on purple to lead Feurstein and Cap Henry by one lap going into the final round. Custer defied the odds by holding the lead, while finishing on black… compared to Henry on white and Feurstein on green. Custer turned 45 laps for a one lap win over Henry. Hershman slipped past Feurstein for third place, two laps back, while Dave Feidler, Rick Stagen and Dave Geerhing rounded out the field.

1. Willy Custer – 360 laps
2. Cap Henry – 359 laps
3. Ron Hershman – 358 laps
4. Brad Feurstein – 357 laps
5. Dave Feidler – 350 laps
6. Rick Stagen – 347 laps
7. Dave Geerhing – 341 laps


1. Willy Custer – 360
2, Rick Davis – 359+14
3. Cap Henry – 359+9
4. Ron Hershman – 358
5. Brad Feurstein – 357
6. Dave Feidler – 350
7. Rick Stagen – 348
8. Dave Geerhing – 341
9. Ross Scharf – 335
10. Rich Attee – 333
11. Kit Henry – 326
12. Greg Gorski – 324+8
13. Greg Krumnow – 324+7
14. Larry Mattingly – 315
15. Justin Porter – 312
16. Dan Myers II – 310
17. Sam weaver – 307
18. Jim Mills – 294
19. Dan ‘Pops’ Myers – 267


1. Willy Custer
Chassis: Built by Mark Kitto / FSF (116.6g) … Gear Ratio: 7/28 … Front Tires: JK
Rear Tires: Alpha … Body: O/S Ti-22 … Controller: Difalco

2. Rick Davis
Chassis: Built by Rick Davis / Davis (113.2g) … Gear Ratio: 6/27 … Front Tires: Davis
Rear Tires: No Data … Body: Parma Ti-22 … Controller: Ruddick DR40

3. Cap Henry
Chassis: Built by GVP-CHR / JK X25 (106.2g) … Gear Ratio: 7/30 … Front Tires: JK
Rear Tires: JK Big Daddy’s … Body: Parma Ti-22 NN … Controller: Difalco


Hats off to Fastraxxx Raceway owner Chris Earnhart and his crew for bringing the nearly 50 year old American Black Royal back to life. The track was found in a private home in the Akron, OH area, and Earnhart decided to preserve the original particle board track surface, rather than redecking it with a modern surface. Despite some minor bumps and dips the track races very well, and brought back a feeling of nostalgia for guys like Sano Dave Feidler and Larry Mattingly, who remembered racing on these surfaces back in the mid-60s… There was some light hearted controversy leading up to the event as to whether the Royal track should be raced ‘up’, or ‘down’ the donut. Ron Hershman brought along original American Raceway sales literature which documented that American intended the track to run counter-clockwise into the esses and up the donut. The confusion in the past came when many track owners ran the track in the opposite direction to replicate the 90’ American Black Regal track, which was sold by American prior to the release of the Royal … Congratulations to Willy Custer and Cap Henry for winning the Can-Am and Formula One/Indy titles in the First American Raceway Retro Series Championship … Big thumbs up to Rick Davis who finished second in the overall Can-Am run down after winning the B Main … One of the happiest guys in the room Sunday was Justin Porter from Hotwheelshaven in Elyria, OH, who reported the he and his father are purchasing the popular Chris Dadd’s built Corner Climb track that is now at TSS Hobbies in Michigan. The Corner Climb, which once hosted a USRA Div. II Nats, should be a welcome addition to Northeast Ohio racing scene. Porter is already petitioning for a race on the 2014-15 Buckeye Retro Series schedule … This years American Raceway’s mini series was a success, and very popular with the participants. Promoter Ron Hershman is already planning for bigger and better things for next season.