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Thread: Snowbound in the South

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    Sitting at home today because of the "big" snow storm here in the South. Having spent most of my life in the Pacific Northwest it's surprising to see people who can't seem to navigate an inch or two of snow on the ground.

    That being said I do hope that everyone is safe.

    I get a rare weekday home with my son so I will take it.
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    I was stationed in Augusta GA in 77 when it snowed 1/4" one morning. They closed the schools and the military base. I seem to remember that there were over a hundred traffic accidents even though the snow all melted by noon. Those of us from northern regions were pretty bored since there wasn't even enough snow for a snowball fight but it was pretty entertaining to watch the southerners reactions to it.

    We had some troops from Saudi Arabia on base for training who were literally stunned to open mouthed silence over it until I explained to them that occasionally in the US it gets so cold that the atmosphere freezes and falls to the ground.

    That got them moving. Wide eyed they all three turned to me chattering quizzically in language I couldn't understand. I did pick out the words "breathing mask" and then they all high tailed it down the hall all talking at once and waiving their arms around.
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