Rt. 93 Raceway
2211 Manchester Rd.
Akron, OH 44314
(330) 861-5000


AKRON, OH … When race organizers began formulating plans for the Inaugural All Star & Invitational Race, set for March 1-2 at Rt. 93 Raceway on the worlds fastest 155’ American Blue King track, their main goal was to set it apart from other major retro races being staged around the country.

“We wanted to do something different and unique for the racers,” said Larry Mattingly, a member of the organizing committee. “We also wanted to create a way to feature and put more emphasis on the mid-pack competitors, who are the back bone of the hobby. We wanted to put more drivers in the spotlight.”

That particular goal was accomplished by instituting an entirely new race format that splits the entries into two separate categories. The All Star portion of the event is based on a set criteria that will have drivers who have won a regional retro series point championship, or a major retro race, racing against one another on Sunday, March 2. The Invitational race on Saturday March 1 will be open to any driver that has never won a retro championship, or an acknowledged premier retro event.

Another different aspect of the event will be the qualifying procedure. Normally, race seeds are determined using a racer’s best single-lap time turned during time trials. For the All Star & Invitational Race, however, a special ‘laps and section’ format will be utilized. The total number of laps and track sections turned during a one minute timed period will determine a drivers starting position.

“The laps and sections qualifying is going to be interesting,” said Dan Myers, another member of the organizing group. “Many different styles and philosophies should come into play. Does a racer qualify on the ragged edge, or back off a bit to ensure he doesn’t de-slot? Does he take a conservative lap or two to warm-up the tires and develop a rhythm, or go flat out from the start? Most drivers have never qualified under this system. It will be a totally different environment.”

Individual awards, prizes and giveaways will be presented to drivers competing on both days. As an added bonus the top-eight drivers in their respective classes from the Saturday Invitational races will be afforded the opportunity to compete in the Sunday All Star program. IE: The top-eight finishers in the Invitational Formula One/Indy race may participate in the Formula One/Indy All Star race. The top-eight finishers in the Invitational Can-Am race are eligible to participate in the All Star Can-Am contest. Invitational qualifiers who elect to compete in Sunday’s All Star contest will not be charged an entry fee for participating.

The race, which will feature action in Formula One/Indy and Can-Am classes on both days, will follow all IRRA LLC car specifications, procedures, guidelines and bylaws. These may be found at

Race entry fees are $20.00 per class on both days, which includes practice and food privileges. The raceway will open at 8:00 AM on race days. Practice will be held from 8:00-9:30 AM. Tech will commence at 9:30 for BOTH classes, followed by qualifying. There will be NO practice between races, and no break will be taken for lunch/dinner.

The raceway will be open for practice on Friday, Feb. 28 from Noon until 10:00 PM. A $10.00 track pass will be charged.

Bring a hearty appetite, as Rt. 93 owner Debbie Baldwin-Elvasky will have her legendary trackside buffet in operation, providing breakfast, lunch and a ‘hot’ dinner on both days.

For more information contact: Steve Reed (330) 861-5000 for track information and Ron Hershman ( for race information.