Rt. 93 Raceway
2211 Manchester Rd.
Akron, OH 44314
(330) 861-5000


AKRON, OH … While the on-track competition at the Inaugural All Star & Invitational Race at Rt. 93 Raceway on March 1-2 is expected to be hot and heavy, track owner Debbie Baldwin-Elvasky is viewing the event to be more of a party than a race.

“I always try to ensure that everyone is smiling and having a good time at our track,” said Elvasky. “My goal is to throw a big party, instead of just having a race. I want to make sure the racers know that I appreciate them coming here.” To that end Elvasky vows no one ever leaves Rt. 93 hungry.

For the All Star weekend Elvasky will have a continental –style breakfast on hand both days. Lunch will consist of a full blown Mexican Fiesta one day, and ‘build your own’ cold cut and cheese sandwich platters, complete with a selection of salads on the other race day. Also on tap will be ‘hot’ dinners featuring ‘Ron’s Choice’ beef pot roast, with cheesy potatoes and sides the first day, and chopped sirloin steak, whipped potatoes and coleslaw on the second day. “We serve everything buffet - help yourself - style,” added Elvasky, “no mystery meat sandwich and a scoop of potato salad for our racers.” Add to the above a vast array of pies, cakes and other dessert goodies, along with a plethora of snacks throughout the day. And if all that isn’t enough Rt. 93 will provide FREE pizza for those coming in early to practice on Friday.

And, yes, there will be a race taking place as well. Competitors from around the nation have indicated they will be on hand to tackle the world’s fastest 155 foot original American Raceways Blue King track, in an event that spotlights a unique, new race format.

Entries for the All Star & Invitational Race will be split into two different categories. The All Star portion of the contest is based on a set criteria that will have drivers who have won a regional retro series point championship, or a major retro race, racing against one another on Sunday, March 2. The Invitational race on Sat. March 1 will be open to any driver that has never won a retro championship, or an acknowledged premier retro event. The top eight drivers in their respective classes from the Saturday Invitational races will be afforded the opportunity to compete in the Sunday All star program in the classes in which they qualified. Invitational qualifiers will not be charged an entry fee for participating in the All Star race on Sunday.

Another different aspect of the race will be the qualifying procedure. Normally, race seeds are determined using a racer’s best single lap time turned during time trials. However, for the All Star & Invitational Race a special ‘laps and sections’ format will be utilized. The total number of laps and track sections turned during a one minute time period will determine a drivers starting position.

The All Star race will also kick off the chase for the recently announced Retro National Championship Series, as it is the first of six races that will lead to the crowning of the ‘KING of RETRO’. National Championship Series officials have announced that points toward the championship will be awarded in both the Invitational and All Star portions of the race.

Both Formula One/Indy and Can-Am classes for the All Star & Invitational races will follow IRRA LLC car specifications, procedures, guidelines and bylaws. These may be found at:

Race entry fees are $20.00 per class on both days, which includes practice and food privileges. The raceway will open at 8:00 AM on race days. Practice will be held from 8:00-9:30 AM. Tech will commence at 9:30 for BOTH classes, followed by qualifying. There will be NO practice between races, and no breaks will be taken for lunch/dinner.

The raceway will be open for practice on Friday, Feb. 28 from Noon until 10:00 PM. A $10.00 track pass will be charged.

For more information contact: Steve Reed (330) 861-5000 for track information and Ron Hershman ( for race information.