AKRON, OH … The date for the Second All Star & Invitational Retro Race has been changed for next year from early March to April 11-12, 2015. The inaugural race, which attracted 51-racers from ten different states, will once again be held at Route 93 Raceway in Akron, Ohio on the world’s fastest original American Raceway 155 foot Blue King track.

“The reason for moving the date back a month is the unpredictable winter weather in Ohio’” said Ron Hershman, chairman of the race organization committee. “While we had 51 drivers and 58 entries in the Can-Am class at the event held earlier this month, we also had approximately ten others who called and said they weren’t coming because of the predictions of a massive late winter blizzard scheduled to hit Ohio that weekend. Hopefully holding the race in April next year will eliminate the bad weather possibilities for the many traveling racers.”

Aside from the date of the race, there are also other changes in the works for the All Star & Invitational event.

“There will definitely be some modifications in the format of the race for next year,” Hershman said. “We are working on developing a more ‘racer friendly’ schedule, because of the expectation of even larger fields, with more racers in attendance.”

One thing that won’t change is the qualifying procedure, which will once again feature a ‘laps and section’ format, instead of the traditional fastest lap method of qualifying to seed the mains.

Another item chiseled in stone are the race prizes and the method of distribution. “We handed out nearly $6,000 in prizes and cash awards at the race. Every racer left with a minimum of $40.00 in his pocket, if they entered both classes. We are already working to increase that total for next year. It should also be noted that all sponsorship prizes and money went directly to the racers, not the track to offset the cost of awards and lunches,” added Hershman.