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Thread: The Squirreling Must Go On / 1233-Cc2

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    Well last Tuesday and Wednesday was kind of special. After your schooling and getting back into the general "EMPLOYED" category, you had some time to come up and spend a couple of days just talking and tinkering with slot cars. We did span quite a large chasm - 1:43, 1:32 and 1:24 cars were all raced and discussed during your visit. Of course if we did not need to get up on Wednesday so we could travel over to my club's 1:32 facility, I think we would have chatted the night away talking about all there is to do with slot cars.

    I'm looking forward to getting my new 1225 .039 build out and tested. Sure does look nice.

    After my surgery is complete, I hope to once again have full use of arms, hands and fingers. It will be so good to feel my fingers again and also what my fingers are holding. Right now it's just not that good.

    We really need to do that again.

    I guess if I have a question it would be, "How small a wire do you think you can use?"
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    Yeah Marty, it was a blast finally getting over there to run cars around Marty-ville and Bob DeWoody's tracks at DeBary Glen. Of course, you know me, the whole time I was running the 1/43's and 1/32's I was thinking about taking them apart... or building my own...

    And I know I'm not alone in hoping all goes super-well with your surgery.

    As for wire size and how small it can go...

    I learned a lot from the 0.032" wire framed version of the 1225... You already know I've built the 0.032" wire framed version of the 1229 design; you even got to give it a good looking over. And I'll be starting the build on the 0.032" wire framed version of the 1233 this coming week... But I'll post those up in another thread at a later date... (consider yourselves forewarned...)

    Theoretically there is nothing that would prohibit the use of even smaller wire. I'm pretty sure I could build a 0.024" wire framed chassis at this point... but... I'm starting to better appreciate how the design and construction using the smaller wire has to be addressed; at some point I would have to start thinking completely outside the "larger wire" box. For now, I'll keep working with the well-known 0.039" wire and the getting-to-grips 0.032" wire...

    But I certainly wouldn't rule out changing things up to build only for 0.032" and smaller at some future time...


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