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Thread: motor procedures changed for RETRO RoC race...

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    motor procedures changed for RETRO RoC race...


    High Banks Raceway
    579 Tuscarawas Ave.
    Barberton, Ohio 44203
    Ross Scharf (734) 968-3912

    In an effort to make the hand out motor procedure and practice sessions easier for competitors participating in the Third Annual Race of Champions (RoC) event at High Banks Raceway on Sat., July 19 the following changes have been announced:

    Racers will be permitted to purchase and practice with their engraved hand out motors on Friday, July 18. However, ALL engraved motors purchased on Friday must be returned to secure impound when the practice session is concluded. Any motor that is not returned to impound Friday evening will NOT be permitted to be used in the races on Saturday. Anyone purchasing motors on Friday must also pay their race entry fees. No exception! The following hand out motor procedures will also be in place:

    RoC competitors will be using new Pro Slot 4002-FK motors with gold dust brushes installed (an $18.00 value). The motors will be professionally ‘run in’ prior to being handed out, allowing racers to install the motors directly in their cars without having to allow for break-in time prior to practicing. All motors will be engraved at the time of purchase, and ONLY these motors may be used in the race. Competitors must race the engraved motor(s) they purchased. Racers may purchase two hand-out motors per class. All motors will be sold and engraved at registration on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. All additionally purchased engraved motors not being raced in the Can-Am race must be submitted and impounded during tech for Can-Am. Any motor NOT impounded at Cam-Am tech will not be permitted to be used for the Group 7-68 race. All Can-Am cars and motors will be released from impound at the conclusion of the Can-Am feature event. Motors may not be tampered with in any way. Motor brushes and springs may not be altered and/or changed. Any sign of tampering will result in immediate disqualification. All motors must use a spec eight (8) tooth pinion. Any crown gear may be used.

    Entry fee for the Can-Am portion of the race is $35.00, which includes one hand-out engraved Pro Slot 4002-FK motor. One additional engraved motor may be purchased for an additional $15.00.

    The Group 7-68 entry fee will be $20.00, if a racer elects to run an engraved Can-Am motor. A $35.00 entry fee will be charged, if a racer purchases a hand out engraved Pro Slot 4002-FK motor. One additional engraved motor may be purchased for an additional $15.00.

    Saturday entry fees include pit pass and a track provided lunch.

    High Banks will open it doors at 7:00 AM on July 19. Registration and motor hand-out will begin at 7:15 AM. Pre-race practice will be from 7:00 to 9:30 AM. Can-Am tech will open at 9:30 AM, followed immediately by qualifying. Tech for Group 7-68 will open after a short practice session following the conclusion of the Can-Am feature.

    High Banks will be open for practice on Friday July 18 from 3:00 to 11:00 PM. Registration and motor hand out will begin at approximately 3:30 PM. A $10.00 track pass will be charged.

    For raceway information contact Ross Scharf : (734) 968-3912. For race and rules information: contact Ron Hershman at fast1ron@yahoo.com.

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    Hey Larry, that sounds like a good procedure, wish I could make it.

    Having been to the two previous ROC races, I would like to offer some unsolicited, but well meaning suggestions to go along with these procedures.

    1) A true blind draw of the motors where neither the racer or the race director is able to see which motor is selected.

    2) stricter control over the impounded cars and motors that were issued early.

    I heard so much BS after the first two ROC events about these two simple procedures, please address them to keep the detractors from tarnishing a great event.

    Good Luck!


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