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Thread: Mobile Track Business

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    Mobile Track Business

    I know this can be a sensitive topic but can anyone offer some opinions on what to charge for a mobile track operation? Should you charge for mileage to the clients home? Flat rate no matter how many kids or a set price plus fee for additional kids? Would you ever take more than one track? Thanks for any insight you can offer.

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    Check what other party services are getting and price accordingly. A live action racing experience has got to be worth more than a bounce tent. Come up with a format so the kids race for some trophies.

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    Most of your attention and effort will go into loading, transporting setting up and maintaining the cars so an hourly rate just wouldn't be the right pricing model unless it was flat rate plus an hourly rate. I used to take a four lane portable out to corporate events and charge $500 for an evenings racing. That was two decades ago. The inflation calculator says that would be close to $800 now... (sheesh!) I'd find these gigs by letting the Destination Management companies know I had the track and then they would handle contracting my service to conventions, sales meetings and the like. I was buried in all sorts of work at the time and was raising young children too, so I never tried marketing to birthday parties or similar so I'm no help there.
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