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Thread: "Mix & Match" stick-on numbers from Samson Classics

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    "Mix & Match" stick-on numbers from Samson Classics

    Doesn't look like much, right?

    This is a sheet of pre-cut numbers and meatballs on adhesive vinyl, but with a difference.

    Both the number and the meatball are cut, so that they can be separated. Why? well, try this for size:

    Use the number on its own for a solid color on a light background, or the meatball on its own for a body color number with a contrasting meatball.

    OR, with two colors, you can swap numbers into other meatballs:

    The numbers are 1/2" high inside 3/4" meatballs, on high quality self-adhesive vinyl trim sheet.

    But wait, that's not all...

    If you are like me, you like to use the same number on all your cars, and have tons of left-over number sheets. Well, no more. These sheets each have 12 numbers all the same. For now, all are single-digit, from 1 though 0, but multi-digit could be offered as special order later.

    There will also be a 30-digit sheet comprising 3 each of all numbers 1 through 0 for those who like variety.

    Right now, there are two fonts available, the chunky Block font shown above, and italic font:

    Colors available are: Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Gold and Silver.

    MSRP for the 12 single-digit sheets is $2.50, for the 30-digit $6.00.

    Sheets are available from me direct via PM here or at samsonclassics@gmail.com

    Full discount is available to bona fide Raceways, so talk to your track owner about ordering these so he can get a cut of the action!
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