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    BRS Set for Season Two...


    After a breakout inaugural season, the Buckeye Retro Series (BRS) is gearing up for its second year of competition when it invades Mark’s Model World (MMW) in Canton, Ohio on Sat. Sept. 20 for the fourth annual running of the Retro Summit

    BRS quickly stamped itself as the premier retro series in the state of Ohio, as 91 different competitors participated in last year’s nine-race schedule, which highlighted five different tracks. “By aligning itself with the RETRO organization and its racer-friendly rule set, BRS became an instant favorite with the competitors,” said board member Larry Mattingly. “Things like mandating only one style of motor per class, and introducing spec pinion sizes saved racers time and money. The numbers obviously show our success and the support of the racers.”

    But, the BRS isn’t resting on its laurels, as it has announced several new changes for the 2014-2015 campaign.

    The recently created RETRO Group 7-68 class, which features pre-1969 Can-Am bodies, minimum .790 tires/.040 rear clearance and the popular, inexpensive, triple-sealed Pro Slot 4002-FK motor, using a spec eight-tooth pinion, has been added to the BRS race card this year. “The Group 7-68 class is the perfect entry point for new retro racers, and gives BRS regulars another class to race in the series,” said Board of Director member Ron Hershman. “The Group 7-68 class does not require a new chassis design, or any other exotic parts, or building techniques. It is a simple, economical class that is growing in popularity.”

    The BRS has announced another new wrinkle in how points will be awarded for its championships this season. The new format is similar to the system employed for the RETRO National Championship Series and the All Star and Invitational race. Drivers will be assigned to different categories (either ‘All Star’ or ‘Invitational’) and will compete for separate championship honors during the upcoming season. All Star and Invitational drivers will compete together in BRS races, but will be scored separately for point/championship purposes. “By switching to this point system the BRS will be able to recognize and reward more racers for their accomplishments,” said BRS board member Dan Myers.

    Another change finds this year schedule being expanded to 10-races, with the addition of 1 new raceway. It has also been announced that the BRS will drop its North and South divisions in favor of a single, common championship in 2014-2015. A racer may count nine races toward his overall BRS point championship totals. A new track joins the series this year, Fastraxxx in Fremont OH. The BRS features a wide diversification in track designs, with four King tracks (two Gerding’s, an Ogilvie and an original American Blue King), along with a 155’ Ogilvie Hill Climb and an original American Royal on the schedule.

    The BRS schedule will be highlighted by four RETRO National Championship Series events… The Fourth Annual RETRO Summit at Mark’s Model World on Sept. 20, The Inaugural Halloween Hill Climb Championship at REM Raceway on Nov. 1, The Second All Star & Invitational Race at Rt. 93 Raceway on April 12-13, and the Second Buckeye Bash, also at Rt. 93 on May 16.


    BRS 2015-2015 SCHEDULE

    11-races … seven different tracks … Two drops permitted

    Sept. 20 MMW, Canton, OH 155’ Gerding G-19 King (Fourth Annual RETRO Summit)

    Oct. 18 T/R Motorplex, Miamisburg, OH 155’ Gerding G-9 King

    Nov. 1 REM Raceway, Mentor,OH 155’ Ogilvie Hill Climb (Inaugural Halloween Hill Climb Champ)

    Nov. 15 Fastraxxx, Fremont, OH 95’ original American Royal (American Raceway Series event)

    Dec. 13 RT 93, Akron OH 155' American Blue King

    Jan. 10 HMS, Bellevue, OH 155’ Ogilvie King

    Jan. 24 MMW, Canton, Oh

    Feb. 7 Rt. 93 Raceway, Akron, OH 155’ American Blue King (American Raceway Series event)

    Feb. 28 Fastraxxx Fremont, OH 95’ original American Royal

    Mar. 28 REM Raceway, Mentor, OH

    Apr. 11-12 Rt. 93 Raceway, Akron, OH (Second All Star & Invitational Race)

    May 16 Rt. 93 Raceway, Akron, OH (Second Buckeye Bash) Non BRS point race / BRS Awards

    BRS 2013-2014 CHAMPIONS

    Can-Am NORTH … Ron Hershman
    Formula One/Indy NORTH … Ricky Bennardo Jr.
    Can-Am SOUTH … Ron Hershman
    Formula One/Indy SOUTH … Willy Custer
    Can-Am OVERALL … Willy Custer
    Formula One/Indy OVERALL … Willy Custer


    Cap Henry … 6
    Willy Custer … 3
    Ron Hershman … 3
    Dave Gardiner … 2
    Bud Bartos … 1
    Brad Feurstein … 1
    David Krumnow … 1
    Terry Watson … 1


    Ron Hershman … 9
    Willy Custer … 7
    Chris Radisich … 2
    Cap Henry … 1
    Brad Feurstein … 1
    Rich Attee … 1
    Mike Panko … 1
    Mark Gardiner … 1
    Greg Fox … 1

    • The BRS could well be nicknamed the ‘Series of Champions’ as over 20 racers who are former titlists, or winners of major races competed in events last year. Included in that group are: Ron Hershman, Willy Custer, Bud Bartos, Ricky Bennardo Jr., Al Rutti, Tom Lauterbach, Chris Radisich, Rich Attee, Brian Ambrose, Jay Kisling, Terry Watson, Ralph Thorne, Gary Culy, Dave Geehring, Steve Koepp, Brian Cox, Rick Davis aand Dave Fiedler.
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