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Thread: Third Eye Has A New Controller!

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    Third Eye Has A New Controller!

    Third Eye is pleased to announce our latest innovation in slot car controllers, the FET2 E-Wire controller!

    The FET2 E-Wire controller is based on our popular FET2, but has a uniquely designed, fully electronic “Wire Simulated Choke”, which acts exactly like a wire choke, but is controlled with a knob on the controller handle, that can be adjusted on the fly. The choke is adjustable from 3-20 feet, and can be instantly doubled with the flick of a switch to 20-40 feet.

    This choke is not a voltage reduction choke, like those found on other Third Eye controllers and those of our competitors.

    The new FET2 E-Wire controller is track proven by Third Eye sponsored racers and others at the 2014 NAT’s and Worlds.

    The E-Wire is available as a metered unit only at this time and a standard FET2 (Non-metered) to E-Wire conversion is not available at this time. Please see details at the Third Eye website.

    You can download the flyer here: FET2 w/E-wire Flyer

    Howard Smith
    3rd Eye Technology
    780 Carlita Cir.
    Rohnert Park
    Ca. 94928
    707) 664-1722
    email: I3rdeyeguy@aol.com
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    3rd-Eye E-Wire Controller

    So - I have actually just started dedicating time to using this controller consistently. As most of you know, I am usually just a flat track guy, but with the NorCal USRA series consistently running Box 12 and 27L race in their monthly series, I have been having great fun wing racing as well.

    Last month I had great success using this controller in all four classes that we raced - GTP, 1/24 ES, Box 12 and 27L. I thought it was going to take some time to "get the feel" of a new controller, but it was actually quite easy to figure out. The layout is almost identical to the FET 2 - this made "learning" the controller very simple. The E-Wire choke was so similar to my wire choke (aside from having to wait for a track call to make a choke adjustment) that I was able to make the adjustment I needed under green.

    Yesterday, at our NORCAL SCRA race (NASCAR, NASTRUCK, LMP, GT-12), I let my dad "borrow" the E-wire controller for the LMP race - he is very much a beginner racer and the car I built for him was initially too fast for him to manage. I was able to dial in enough choke to make the car drivable for him. As the race progressed, and he got more comfortable with the car, I slowly had him turn the choke down... after the race ended, he mentioned to me that I might not get MY controller back.

    Thank you Howard!
    Jason Hooper
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    I’ve been testing this new controller from Third Eye for the past 7 months, and I can’t recommend it enough! Howard has nailed it with this controller! I've tried a lot of controllers, but this one is by far the best I've used.

    This new controller features the “E-wire” choke, and it is fantastic! Previously, the FET2 controller featured the “E-choke”, which simulated a choke by adjusting the voltage, like all other electronic controllers that offer a variable choke. This works really well, but it just doesn’t seem to have the same feel as a “Physical” choke.

    The new “E-wire” choke feels and acts just like a physical choke, but is infinitely adjustable from 3 - 40 feet! You can adjust it on the fly, using the knob located on the controller, allowing you to fine tune the feel of the choke while you are racing, without having to wait for a track call or a heat change, so you can reach down and move a wire. I’ve found this feature to be VERY useful, especially when racing GT-12 and Eurosport classes. No more guessing how many feet to use when changing lanes. You can tune it while you race!

    I ran this controller at the 2014 USRA Nats, and used it to finish 2nd in NASCAR and LMP and 3rd in GTP and 4th in Expert GT-12. I also used it to win “Grand Champion” at the 2014 Flat Track World’s and to win all four classes (NASCAR, NASTRUCK, LMP and GT-12) in the “Pro” division in the 2013/2014 NorCal SCRA points series. This controller is race proven!

    The new “E-wire” feature takes an already top of the line controller to another level.
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    Another winning product from Thirdeye Technologies. There's no longer any need for cumbersome wire controllers with alligator clips. You can put that stuff away. Howard figured out how to get the effect of a wire choke but electronically. I have no idea of how electronics work, but I do know that whatever he did, he replaced wire chokes with this E-wire component of the FET2troller. I did a lot of the initial testing for Howard, much of it using a 1/32 Eurosport. I compared the E-wire settings with my external wire choke. Went back and forth and observed lap times. The dial settings of the E-wire corresponded as exactly as I could tell to my actual wire choke. I started with 36 feet on the wire choke. On the E-wire you flip up two toggle switches to get this much choke. Toggle #1 is labelled "E-wire" and the dial goes from 0-10. Each increment is two feet, so 10 is equal to 20 feet. To get even more choke (such as needed for 1/32 Formula One) you flip up a second toggle called "1/32" (Howard's imagination is boundless....) So I turned the dial to "9" and that was supposed to be 36'. With a 1/32 Eurosport I went back and forth a few times between the E-wire and the wire choke. Couldn't tell the difference and the lap times were identical. I turned the E-wire down a little at a time and also tried the corresponding analog wire choke. As I went down to lower values, I still couldn't tell the difference and the lap times remained the same between the two types of choke. By the time I was done, I had worn out a set of tires and gone through a couple of punches on my track card. I reported to Howard that I was completely sold on this choke....MAKE ME ONE! So he did, and that is what I have been using ever since. Don't leave home without it.

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    Just got mine so we'll see how it goes. I mainly raced FK class but will be doing a lot of G12 this year hence the upgrade from the HitMan.

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    Just picked up the new nfet 3. NICE!
    I thought it would take more time to get used to, I was wrong. Doing A B comparisons with my current controller to the point that drive times and feel were the same was quite quick. The clock did give the nod to the 3rd eye. It took a while but I figured out where and how it was faster and for the time being I will keep this to myself. Going to put a few more hours on it this weekend. Nicely done Howard!



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