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Thread: Need help choosing power supply

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    Need help choosing power supply

    Just bought 10ft by 20ft 6 lane oval need to know what power supply i should use and lap counter. Im new at this and any information will be helpful thanks

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    Form, function and budget?
    Party portable, in-store, on-line?
    Homeset or open motors.?

    Homeset and FK motors only require about FIVE amps per lane. Most commercial raceways use a minimum of TEN amps per lane. One low end, usable power supply is the Pyramid line of ham radio power...look for an adjustable voltage model so that you CAN turn the power down for little kids. $100 -150.

    Commercial bulldogs are available from Eagle Distributing for about double the price, but well worth it for commercial use.

    Lap counting can be very simple to complex. Do you want to use live on-line features? Good simple systems that work on an old laptop and are very popular with club uses can be had from Trak-Mate Racing.
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