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Thread: How do you wire Trackmate Timing off of an SRT board ?

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    How do you wire Trackmate Timing off of an SRT board ?

    What is the wiring to power the trackmate relays from and SRT board

    The SRT board wiring has all been removed (The gray Cables)

    The dead strip has been wired per the trackmate wiring

    How do you wire the trackmate relays to be powerd by or power the srt board

    kit Henry

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    How do you power the Trackmate Relays from an SRT board

    We have removed all the gray wiring for the SRT System, the board is still in place

    We have installed the trackmate dead strip wiring and software

    How do we power the trackmate wiring from the SRT board

    the 30 balde should be the positive hot, what does the 87a hook to to power the whole system

    Kit Henry

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    This is just a quick down and dirty cut an paste description....

    I don't have my wireing diagram for srt but go to both their web sites and FYI sections:
    TRACKMATE: http://www.trackmateracing.com/slot-...counter/mv680/
    From there use the similar lane colors for the relay as in the SRT relay system (similar to the TM time sell wiring colors or near). You will be connecting to 86 and 85 terminals for the board iself and 87a and 30 track power which doesn't really need much or any changing.
    Below is some wording in thier site.

    Building your own Relay Panelfficeffice" />>

    The 15 pin connector on the module is used to drive the relays. Each pair of wires will drive the relay coil which are pins 85 and 86 on the relay. IT does not matter which of the two wires go to 85 or 86. >

    If you already have a bank of Relays with a common for all the Relay coils (either pin 85 or 86). Connect all the wires with white stripe to the common.>

    Do NOT connect any of the solid colored wires together, doing so will smoke the module.>

    Do NOT connect any power supply to pins 85 or 86 of the Relays. >

    Relay cable color code


    Wire Color Pair>

    Lane 1

    Brown + Brown/White

    Lane 2

    Orange + Orange/white

    Lane 3

    Green + Green/White

    Lane 4

    Blue + Blue/White

    Lane 5

    Brown + Brown/White (cable 2)

    Lane 6

    Orange + Orange/White(cable 2)

    Lane 7

    Green + Green/White(cable 2)

    Lane 8

    Blue +Blue/White(cable 2)


    Test by plugging in the 12v 1 amp Power Pack. If wired properly you should hear all relays click one after another when module is powered on. If you donít hear clicking review wiring or call for support.

    Installing Relay

    The Relay is a 12volt 30amp. Available at www.TrackmateRacing.com

    Pin Out Bottom View

    Step 1) Run two Wires from 85 and 86 to the two terminal screws marked RELAY

    Step 2) Remove Power Wire from track power supply + Terminal

    Step 3) Connect this end to 87a of Relay

    Step 4) Add wire between 30 and power supply + Terminal
    Installing Interface

    That will get you started.

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    found the multi set upp und thier old web site.

    Thier system for multi relays involves one relay shutting all off.... simlar to what a lot of people had done with the SRT in a modification to decrease the load on the main board.
    On the multi relays per lane 85 is negative which it gets from the "single" relay. 86 gets dasiy chained posative. She single relay is hooked to the TM and acts a a on/off switch for all lanes.
    On ths single relay the 87a and 30 act as the switch to carry to power +/- to the other multiple relays which have daisy chained power. In this case 30 is conected to the negative. 87a carries that power to the multiple relays terminal 85 so when switched the 86 which is daisy-chained to the posative comleate the cuircut and actives the multiple relays.
    Not terribly clear but hope it helps it was hard to edit after a few dislectic moments.


    Multi Relay Installation
    #85 and #86 powers the relays coil
    #87a and #30 are the 30 amp switch contacts.

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