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Thread: tires for gr27l

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    tires for gr27l

    The tracks by me won't let me use glue
    What kind of tires will hook better for non glue tracks

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    All 27L racing is in spray glue, so it is a non glue class. For tyres - simple you need the hardest that will work and this depends on how sticky the track is. The track I race at is pretty stuck so we run the same tyres that people would use in glue. As a starting point try something like Alpha Mediums (or the Koford equivalent) an then play with how wide they need to be.

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    Are you just hot lapping in open practice, or are you racing? If you are just practicing in light spray glue, then you'll need a softer tire than you would for race conditions. Race spray glue conditions have a lot more glue than open practice or scale racing. Plus, the power is usually turned up from 13.4V to 14.3. Lastly, it will depend on the track, they are all different.


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