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Thread: Any tracks left in Phoenix. AZ ?

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    Any tracks left in Phoenix. AZ ?

    Hi, I am brand new to slots and am looking for a track in the Phoenix area that is actually still operating. I see some have recently closed or are n the process of shutting down. Being new to slots I am really surprised. I thought this hobby/sport had a dedicated following. Are there too many shops competing ? Is the sport too expensive for the type of people it attracts? I would really appreciate any insight and any info on any shops/clubs that are still open and racing. Thank you all and God bless.

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    Tommy D
    Tommy D

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    I'm not in your area but, there are still a few dedicated racers left that will race any class.... they just want to race. I believe with the number of racers way down they are still breaking up into too many classes and not enough racers. Back in the 90's you could have 5 different classes at an event and still have 15-25 racers enter each class. Those days are gone but, they still insist on having all kinds of new classes... retro being one. The more classes ... the smaller the number of racers per class. That being said ... RC seems to have more loyal racers in general and less hot heads. Good luck finding a track in your area.


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