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Thread: Record Turn Out @ Slots-A-Lot

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    Record Turn Out @ Slots-A-Lot

    The racers turned out in record numbers for the IRRA's Stock Car and F-1 Retro event at the New and Improved Slots-A-Lot. New owner and new management. 39 racers showed up to do battle on the Blue King. 36 Stock Cars is a record number for an IRRA R.E. event. With an equal number in F-1 a total of 72 entries made for a great day of racing. There was plenty of pit spaces and it was warm and toasty inside the raceway.
    Stock Car
    TQ Joe Chubby Salzman
    Ray Duran
    Joe Chubby Salzman
    Eric Gehrken

    Formula One
    TQ Eric Gehrken
    Ed Sohl
    Joe Chubby Salzman
    Eric Gehrken

    For the full race report go to the IRRA web site. irraslotracing.com
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