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Thread: BRS announces motor changes ...

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    BRS announces motor changes ...


    The Buckeye Retro Series (BRS) will make major changes to its motor and car division rules for the 2015-2016 season , which begins in September of 2015 with the running of the Fifth Annual Retro Summit.

    The BRS has announced it will switch its motor formula to the non-rebuildable Pro Slot 4002-FK (PS-FK) motor for the Can-Am and Formula One/Indy classes. The PS-FK will be the only power plant permitted to be used in the two classes, and spec eight (8) tooth pinions will be mandated.

    “We tested the PS-FK motor for eight races in the Group 7-68 class in BRS and it has proven to be reliable, consistent, long lasting and very equal in performance across the board. The RETRO National Championship Series will also be using this motor next season. The RETRO-sanctioned Texas RETRO Series has been using the optional FK motor rule set during its current Can-Am and Formula One/Indy campaign, and is very pleased with the results, said RETRO Executive Director Ron Hershman.

    “In our opinion the PS-FK motor is, by far, the best of the low cost mini-motors currently available in the market place. It retails for only $14.00 and features a traditional end bell and external brushes, along with a triple-sealed, tamper proof security system. We feel it will level the playing field, cut motor expenses, and encourage racers from other slot racing series to give retro racing a try.”

    The third class on the BRS race card for 2015-2016 will also be changed. With the new Can-Am and the current Group 7-68 classes now being almost identical, a new World Sports Car (WSC) Coupe class, which will feature Pro Slot 4002 ‘Puppy Dog’ (PD) motors, will be added.

    Pro Slot PD motors may be raced sealed by Pro Slot / Fast Ones, or raced unsealed. Racers will be permitted to work on their own PD motors, if they wish to do so.

    Any unsealed PD motor is subject to protest, if a competitor posts a $10.00 ‘tear-down’ fee. All RETRO motor protest rules will be followed.

    The new WSC Coupe class will be required to weigh a minimum of 100 grams and will be permitted to use .790 min. diameter tires with a .040 minimum rear clearance rule. All PD motors will be required to use spec seven (7) tooth pinions. Only bodies listed in the approved RETRO WSC Coupe body list will be permitted. All other RETRO WSC Coupe rules will apply. (www.retroslotracing.com)

    “We have decided to add the WSC Coupe class to give racers the opportunity to extend the life cycle of their current PD motors,” Hershman said.

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    Nice Move It won't happen anytime here 5-6yrs maybe we move slow out here the 4002 fk are awesome we could easy use a 9 out here on our low power but that is way off HAVE FUN



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