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Thread: Slot Car Power Supplies - Please Read First

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    Slot Car Power Supplies - Please Read First

    Slot Car Power Supplies

    When shopping for a power supply for slot cars, there are dozens of threads with tons of great information shared by OWH readers/racers that I have grouped together in this Power Supplies sub-forum.

    It's a good idea to read through the older threads prior to starting a new thread, since so much advice has already been shared in previous threads that might answer your questions.

    When reading the info posted here, keep in mind which type of power supply you are looking for. The first thing to determine is which of the 3 basic types of power supplies you need:

    - Portable power supply for a work bench / pits

    - Power supply for a home track

    - Power supply for a large commercial type track

    This determines the needs for the output and amperage needs, as well as the size, features, and cost factors. Each of these 3 types has a range of options to choose from, depending on your particular needs and individual preferences.

    I have included several choices based on many of the recommendations posted in this forum, for power supplies for home tracks, home work bench, or for use on smaller commercial tracks with lower power requirements for rental cars, birthday parties, etc., and added them to OWH's Slot Car Shop in the Power Supply section.

    For commercial track power, I have also included a few of the larger power supplies, but please consult some of the threads for more information regarding advise on commercial track wiring & power requirements & recommendations.

    For portable power supplies for the work bench & pits, there are some very good options made especially for slot car racing offered by Wright Way, Koford, and Slick 7. These are all available from your favorite local raceway. If they do not have them in stock, they can order one for you. If you do not have a local raceway, there are several raceways that have online stores or will do mail order. Check the ad banners at the top of the forum for OWH Slot Car Talk sponsor retail dealers.

    Here's the link to OWH's Slot Car Shop - Power Supplies section:

    OWH's Slot Car Shop - Power Supplies

    OWH's Slot Car Shop is an affiliate shop served and fulfilled by Amazon.com. I have hand selected an assortment of products and supplies useful for slot car racers, that are not commonly available at most slot car raceways.

    By ordering products through OWH's Slot Car Shop, OWH receives a small percentage affiliate commission for items ordered through the online shop links, which helps to support the Old Weird Herald web site & Slot Car Talk online forums.


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